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DVD/VHS LG recorder

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1) I have not started working on transferring any more VHS to DVD. I still have that mild helicopter sound. Here is what I learned. When I got my LG DVD VHS recorder, I did not have that problem on the older tapes. The newer tapes that are less than 10 years old lately transfer fine. I got the recorder in 2011 and those early tapes that were tansferred were teenage and twenties. Now the teens and twenties and all the way to my 30 year-olds still have that mild helicopter sound. I am trying to go over my video catalog against what was already transferred to DVD before I consider anything. In #3 I am developing problems. Usually, I don't have to play these DVDs because I put the original airdates and the episode titles on each event. Sometimes the matching between the catalog and the DVD go quite fast. I can have several DVDs checked within an hour.

2) Since I have a VHS/DVD recorder, is there anyway I can hook one of those analog to DVD converters? Is there anyway to my VHS DVD recorder. VU Point has one of those converters that will record from the tv by use one of those small cards you put into the converter, but I don't know how I would convert the information to DVD. Any ideas. I am brainstorming everything from getting a DVD camcorder and setting it up in front of the telev ision set to getting one of those converters. I would prefer one of those converters that record directly to DVD. I am doing a lot of brainstorming and so far have not come across the right thing yet.

3) Since we last spoke, sometimes my DVD recorder acts funny and gives messages such as, "Intiate Disc" when the disc has already previously been recorded and finalized. Most of the time it plays fine. Sometimes I also get faulty messages such as "Unknown disc cannot play". Most of the time when this happens I wipe off the disc and the tray and it works fine. I have cataloged my video tapes for eight years and gradually, all I am trying to do first is go over my DVDs little by little and match them up to the catalog before I decide which shows I want to start transferring to DVD. For my Mr Ed DVDs, I have gone over Wikipedia and IMDB and I try to play hulu, while leaving my DVD in menu mode so I can read the titles and dates of the episodes that I have. I have gone over 5 of those discs today in an hour and a half. Three times I inserted Mr. Ed 2 and kept getting "initiate disc." I decided to insert Mr. Ed 3 and it played ,so I removed that and reinserted Mr. Ed 2, and that one played.

Does my DVD recorder need a cleaning and if so, with what?

4) What really good DVD/VHS recorder would anyone recommend. At my school they tend to prefer Sony. I know that the DVD/VHS recorders aren't being manufactured by many manufactures and are sometimes not much to choose from.

The bogus error messages that occasionally happen, do not make my comparing my catalog to my DVD collection, something I really enjoy or look forward to doing. These are the DVDs that I have recorded. Most of the time this problem happens when the machine is cold and I have to reinsert the DVD a couple of times before it will play. Sometimes the DVDs will automatically play and work well, and sometimes if I press menu or I play some of the DVD and stop it, I will have problems. I do not know if the machine is breaking or if it is dirty. Should I clean it and if so, with what? I have one of those discs that are supposed to clean the DVD player/recorder, but I don't know if I trust it. I have no trouble playing prerecorded DVDs.

I know I asked this advice before, but I would really like to complete matching my catalog, a greater majority mostly of descriptions and a few episode titles and original airdate titles against my DVDs before I decide to completely go over my collection. I only ran the catalog from 1982 to 1990. I don't know why I stopped cataloging. Now I am glad I did. In the past month I am watching those check marks grow. A few of my VHS tape listings are completely gone over now.

Right now I am also going over the internet and looking over the VHS to DVD ideas. Would an analog to digital converter converter really work? I am hoping for next month, but it might take longer than that. The only really good thing is that I have already done a lot of work transferring my VHS to DVD and I probably won't have that much of a job left. Like I said, some of the VHS tapes have been completely transferred, and some of the newer ones that were not cataloged have been completed . Most of these tapes are commercial. I would be afraid to take to someone who could transfer these tapes to DVD professionally because they would fear copyright laws.

Sorry for being so wordy. Thank you for reading this.
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I can't use two LG recorders at the same time as one remote control operates both recorders at the same time
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I'm using a group of Magnavox recorders and just use something to cover up the "eye" on the ones that I'm not giving commands to at that moment.
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It was not what I asking. I want to get rid of the mild helicopter noise, which was there when I recorded tapes teenage and older, last year. Suddenly I developed that problem. I am trying to go over some ideas for recording the rest of my tapes when I am done with my catalog. I need some ideas. I was thinking of one of those analog to digital converters, but I don't know if it will fit on my LG DVD/VHS. Your answer to my problem so far is like "What do you want to eat for Breakfast?" Answer: "I think I will take a swim for an hour."

I am looking over different things. Also, now my DVD recorder/player acts strange sometimes, giving me bogus messages like "initialize this disc Yes /cancel. "unkown does not recognize disc. I wonder if I need to clean the DVD recorder / player, however it does well with pre recorded discs, and after a few restarts, I can get the disc I recorded and finalized to finally play. Sometimes I dust off the tray or go over the disc. It will work better once the unit has warmed up, but it can take prerecorded discs(commerical onces that the studios record, like Sony and Paramount, etc, you buy them that way in the store under the name of a particular movie or tv show you want to watch. The video stores used to have those, sometimes supermarkets have them. It is just like buying a book. I have The Color Purple coming soon and I am sure that will work well. If you have any ideas for my DVD recorder/player, I would appreciate your help. The older the machine gets, the more problems I have. I only got it last year.
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I was replying to christopher, you're not the only one in this thread asking questions.
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What Magnavox recorders do you have?
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Originally Posted by kriscad View Post

What Magnavox recorders do you have?

A bunch of these:


and a few of the old DVD/VCR combos that I have lying around as backups.
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