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Samsung blu-ray player BD-e5700 Owner's Thread

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Hi everyone. I've got a real head-scratcher that's exhausted me, and Samsung's on-line help was basically "do a hard reset, and if that doesn't work, then send it away for service".

Here are all the details:

  • Samsung blu-ray player model BD-5700.
  • Firmware updated to most recent issued software.
  • Player audio output is set to "bitstream (unprocessed)"
  • If I try to play a blu-ray disc, DTS-HD signal won't be transmitted via HDMI connection (signal gets output as PCM and the 5.1 "acknowledgement" does not appear on my amp display).
  • DTS (non-HD) won't transmit via HDMI either.
  • DTS will transmit via coaxial cable (not DTS-HD, just DTS it seems).
  • If I try playing a DVD, the player will output Dolby Digital 5.1 via HDMI. I don't think I have any Dolby True-HD discs to test with.
  • Tried resetting to factory defaults, and problem still persists.
  • The amp I am using is the Yamaha HTR-6180.
  • This amplifier supports both DTS-HD and Dolby True-HD, and is 96Khz compliant also.
  • When playing a blu-ray disc using the HDMI input on the amp, the amp display indicates it is receiving a PCM signal, but only illustrates a stereo, and not a 5.1, signal being processed. Also the DTS-HD light does not appear on the display either.
  • I have tried more than one HDMI cable
  • I have also tried other HDMI inputs on the amplifier

I am really hoping that we can solve this issue, because this player doesn't lipsync well, and it seems even worse using the coax connection for audio. The Yamaha amp does have a lip-synching function, but appears only functional with HDMI signals.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. I tried to find a similar issue using the search function, but was not able to find something equal to the issue I appear to be having.
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Go and get another HDMI cable. I found out that with our Sony S370 BD & the Denon 1612, that the HDMI cable I had from monoprice would work, but not do DTS. Ran to RadioShack to get a cable, since I could not wait for a new one from monoprice, and that fixed my problem. Also make sure that Audio is set for PCM, downmixing is set for Surround, PCM Downsampling set for Off.
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Hi Greg. Thanks for your suggestion, but I've tried three HDMI cables, and as a last resort even tried a Monster brand cable (got it for 60% off, and it was still highway robbery).

Why would I set the player to PCM? Isn't the point for the unprocessed bitstream to send raw DTS-HD to the amplifier? According to the blu-ray manual, PCM is only two-channel.
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See page 32 of the manual. The manual actually contradicts itself, if you look at the Audio section in 31-35.
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I must have a different manual than you for the 5700.

On the "digital output selection" table, if I choose to out put with PCM with a disc that has DTS-HD, then the amp gets a 2 channel PCM signal.

And yet, according to the table, if the disc has PCM on it, and I choose PCM as the output selection, then the manual suggests up to a 7.1 signal will be output to the amp.

Frustrating. If the unit can't easily output DTS-HD, then I'm hoping I can somehow change it at the store. Problem is the packing has already been recycled...

Anyone else with some suggestions? Greg's had some good suggestions, and would value any and all input.
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PS: I tried setting the player to PCM as you suggested, but it only outputs two channel PCM.
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reset the Amp
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Ron, you win!

I have no idea why the AMP was the problem. I've tried not to muck up its settings, but you get the gold star today. The factory reset did the trick. smile.gif

Greatly appreciated!

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glad to hear it worked. I remember awhile back my onkyo did the same thing. It started showing TrueHD and DTS MA tracks were displaying PCM constantly. Scoured the forums, and everyone kept saying get "better" HDMI cables....reset the amp out of whim, and it worked. Figured it may have been the same issue with your yamaha.
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Samsung BD-E5700 Blurray Disk/DVD Player

I bought this at Best Buy yesterday. We tried to set it up, however none of the apps are able to load. We are connected to the internet. We called customer support technical problem or outage they were having and keep checking. So we can just play the disk without any Netflix or other apps. Am I missing something? The guy said this was simple at Best Buy.mad.gif
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Just curious if anyone owning this has managed to make it play any content over DLNA.

I tried browsing to folders which have AVIs, MKVs, VOBs and regular DVD format MPGs, and it just gives an "unknown format" error for all of them. Just wondering if I should give up, bin this thing and get something a bit more decent.
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Just bought this unit. Apps load slow but run for me. My issue si far is playng standard DVDs. There is a ton of video noise playing standard DVD. I tried various settings some better than others but none as goods and watching on old DVD player. I have tried BD-wise but it sends and 480i, I have tried 720p, 1080i, 1080p but all have noise. Surprizingly thr BD-wise was the best pic but far from acceptable. I am using HDMI to my Samsung Plasma PN60e7000. Any ideas? Whats settings have you had best luck with? Do I need to change settings each time I watch a DVD? I have not looked at a Blu-rau DVD yet but we have a lot of standard DVDs so i want this to work right
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This player is the BIGGEST PIECE OF **** I EVER OWNED!!, Freezes, app's are useless, thank god i paid $30 from Cowboom!!
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