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Pre Out-Main In jumpers

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I posted this question in a different thread but it didn't get much attention there.

On the Carver Receiver 900, the factory jumpers between the Pre Out and Main In connectors connect the center pins only. I have seen other receivers where there are "full" RCA cables or jumpers between those connections. Is there something inside the receiver that bridges the other half of the connection once the centers are connected?

See this photo for details:

Photo is from this thread (not mine):

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The outer sheild of an RCA jack is the ground, and all the grounds of all the jacks would be connected together internally on any receiver.
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I'm showing the limits of my understanding of DC transformers by asking this, but how can a device that has only a hot and neutral AC plug have a true ground (AC or DC)? I always figured that RCA plugs were positive and shared negative (or vice versa).
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Negative and ground are the same thing. Unless you own an early British sports car like a friend of mine. He has no hair left.
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Ground in this case means a common reference voltage level, not necessarily a connection to earth ground, although this could be acomplished through the neutral AC connection which is grounded to earth.

Also, it's probably not a good idea to think of RCA cables of having positive and negative conductors, instead think of them having zero and non-zero conductors. The outer shield is zero, the reference ground, while the center goes back and forth from negative to positive according to the signal being transmited.
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