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Really need help from other Crystalio II VPS3300 owners!

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I purchased a used Crystalio II VPS3300 on ebay that was listed to be fully functional. After a two week shipping time, it arrived and had a several issues.

First issue was no audio over HDMI. After looking deep within the settings, it seems that by default, HDMI is set to "Force DVI" which means audio was getting removed. Changing the settings from "Force DVI" to "Auto" fixed this issue. However, there are still popping sounds sometimes with the audio.

Second issue was that the unit powered off and would not re-power back on. It was not in standby mode and the power cord was plugged in. The manufacture recommend I unplug power cord from unit for one hour and replug it back in. This fixed that issue (for now).

Third issue is that unit will sometimes will no longer output any image at all (seems to happen like 10 to 30 minutes of use). The only way to fix this issue seems to be to put unit into stand by mode and then turn back on.

Now the forth issue is the major one. On sources like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 the VPS3300 will display the source image and then loose the source image (screen goes black) and then source image returns quickly, but then again screen goes black over and over. While this is happening, the VPS3300 keeps saying "No Source" and the input resolution. In most cases I have the sources set to output 720p over HDMI and the VPS3300 to upscale to 1080p59.94 over HDMI. The odd thing is that some screens and games have the problem while others do not.

For issue #4 the seller is saying this is normal and is due "the signitures from the HDMI devices". Now I call shenanigans on this as I have owned other video processors like DVDO Edge and Optoma HD3000 and I have never encountered this issue. I really need help here from other Crystalio II VPS3300 owners to know if you have ever encountered any of these four issues and if so are they part of the "normal" function of a VPS3300 (or a defective unit) and how to troubleshoot/fix these issues. Like I said, issue #1 and #2 seems to be okay at the moment, it is just issue #3 and #4 I have trouble with at this time.

Thank you.
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I had this unit for a while.. it is amazing.. I had the sound issue, wish I knew about that fix.. would have been nice.. I NEVER had those picture issues with mine.. sounds like a loose HDMI connection or something... did you try a different HDMI cable?
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I don't think it is a cable issue as the picture seems fine for some games and game screens while others produce the random blinking black issue and loss of picture. Made a video showing what I am talking about here. In the video, Xbox 360 is set to output 720p59.94 and the VPS3300 is set to upscale to 1080p59.94 at first, then to output scaled 720p59.94, and then last, output passthru of source which is 720p59.94. The odd thing is that when the game is paused the black blinking stops.

View Video Here

Has anyone else even encountered this short of thing? Like I said, some sources seem fine while others are not.
Is my unit defective or is there a setting to fix this?
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This is a strange problem you're having.

why not use pass through the console game signals the video processor won't improve the picture.

maybe those game consoles don't produce a really clean signal and the C2 has problems locking on.

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The only similar thing I had with my scaler was when I was playing with the color depth. IIRC My projector said it could handle 4:4:4, so that's what I sent it. It couldn't, so I set it back to 4:2:0. See if forcing your output helps.
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I know this is an older post....i just got a 3800 back...and i am having the issue with any hdmi source if i run the 3800 through my receiver...i ran it straight to the tv and the issue was gone.. did not have an issue with composite or component then hdmi from the 3800 to the receiver.. have yet to find out why or a way around it...
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I was having weird issues with mine, I did a reset and it didn't help, but then I downloaded and re-installed the firmware, even though it was the same as it already had, the problems went away. Might be worth a try.
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