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Re-glue Surround to Cone

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I just bought used Paradigm 11SE Mk2 and see at least one of the 8" speaker surrounds is unglued from the cone.
The cone is poly is I ordered glue for that purpose from Springfield Speaker, Pro-Grade Black Rubberized Speaker Glue Adhesive. permanent hexane-based Tacks in 5 minutes, fully-cured in 24 hours.

I am guessing - feedback please. The surrounds seem pliable and undamaged.

-Leave the speakers in the cabinet
-use a thin probe to separate whatever surround easily separates
-apply 1/16" bead around the inside of the surround
-apply circular motion for 5minutes on the surround compressing it to the cone.
-leave alone for 24 hours.

for the other three 8" speakers that appear to have some light curling of the surround from the cone, not sure.
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The answer is put a 1/16 bead around the cone/surround joints for the speakers that have not failed yet but which have seams cupping. use the hexane based rubber glue for poly speakers from
the smallest 2oz should be sufficient.

For the speaker with 50% separation you will need to ensure the voice coil has not shifted since the cone attachment to the surround is affected.That may require removing the cap and shimming.
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