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Using a tablet to stream ...

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Has anyone tried using a Tablet PC like an Asus TF300T to stream movies and audio files from a home server ?
I like the idea of a touch screen, it has an audio output and a mini HDMI out put. and it is small.

Any thoughts or alternatives
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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" running the JRiver app, playing media off my HTPC. Usually I just use it to control the HTPC, but occasionally play it on the tablet itself. Any software with DLNA support should allow you to do this I think.
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My Toshiba Thrive can stream video and has a full size HDMI port. I have used it as a source but the downside is that it's wireless. If I'm next to the router it works fine, get it out to the L/R and you get buffering and skips...
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I have the TF700T. I have stream stuff using Plex. Not sure if I hooked it up to my 55" HDTV, but I have do a 16" HDTV. It works fine.

It's not something I would use a permanent solution for HTPC use, at least as of yet. But if visiting a friend's house, at work, and so forth away from home, it's fine. The problem is the tablet doesn't have DLNA server build into it. So, it's not really mirroring the device like with the HDMI cable to the TV. And the cable, thus limits how to use it, meaning you'll can only mirror the TV as far as the cable stretches.

At home, it's interesting how the Plex app works with the Plex desktop client. With the new Plex server having DNLA, if you're TV has DNLA player, you may be able to use that as well.

Although, I suspect this will get expanded in time.
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