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I am working on a new system. It will have 2 zones. They would share the sources, my HTPC (IR input), and XBOX360). The sources and the Receiver would be stashed in a closet within 20 feet of both viewing areas. From time to time I would also like to possibly have both zones running at the same time.

Zone 1:
Denon 3313
Epson 8350
108" 16.9 Screen (Its electric and has a remote control, I don't know if it is RF or IR.

Zone 2:
TC-P65VT50 -- connected to Receiver by pass-through HDMI
Vizio VHT510 5.1 powered soundbar.

I want it to be easy to use. One button to watch Zone 1, one button to watch Zone 2. Raise and lower the screen when appropriate if possible. A built in backlit keyboard and trackball would be nice. I have a harmony one, and I like the form-factor. We watch bluerays, netflix, amazon, and TV recorded over the air through Windows Media Center.

I don't want to spend a ton of money.