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Control remote displays

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I don't know if this is the right place to post it, but I'd really love it if you could help me on this.

Our company is in the business of constructing network and AV infrastructure for small and medium business. We have a small project that our customer asked us to place 5 screens in different places in his building, and he would like each of them to present different content, such as PowerPoint presentation, clips, images and so on...

For the screens we were thinking to use LG's 42" screen, something like this:

But when we were looking for a simple solution to connect those screens, we've found that it's not that simple.
We wanted to use a single computer to control all screens, so we found all sorts of VGA extenders devices, but these can present with only one channel for all displays...
There are also more expensive devices that use transmitters and receivers and it seems very complicated, as we were looking for a device that would work on the already established Local area network infrastructure.

So we found this device:

Apparently there are many manufacturers that provide this great application, allowing you to use only one computer and connect the screens over your local area network. It's great because those devices work exactly as an additional graphic card and allow you to set them to extended desktop mode, and place different content on each screen.

The only problem is we couldn't find a way to control those devices properly. When we will place the screens to their spots, and connect those devices we won't be able to preview the content appears on each screen, because they are placed in a different locations…

So this is our problem. Do you have a solution on how can we control a remote extended desktops? Is there a tool or application that can do the job?

Any help will be appreciated!

Dr. J
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Well after many searches, I've found some a tool that maybe helpful for some guys here also.

It's called Monitors Anywhere and these guys also have a website:

Have a look.

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