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After helping someone with their pursuit of minimal input lag i started thinking about my own setup and how i can mitigate the slight input lag that is present.

My question is, does the Hitachi uwx20b have an analog dvi (dvi i) input or a dvi digital only input?

I currently have an hdmi cable running from my htpc converted to dvi at the tv with a simple adapter.
The signal should be digital all the way which would introduce some input lag,
I'm not sure how i would run component as the graphics card only has hdmi, dvi i, dvi d, and display port so i'm guessing the dvi i (analog) would have to be converted to component somehow?
I am also aware that running 1080i to screen is the only way to remove scaling lag.

So is dvi analog better for my situation, or do i have to rig some sort of component conversion?

Thanks in advance smile.gif