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WD Live Hub question

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hey all, does the wd live hub support cinavia protection? i rip my own blurays to files and copy them to the harddrive for easier playback but since the ps3 is now full with cinavia it cant play that anymore so i need an alternative.

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Only Blu-ray players come with Cinavia so the Hub doesn't support it
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so you sure the wd live hub doesn't have cinavia protection right? is there any better alternative that player ripped blu rays without conversion needed?
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People would pretty much stop buying the WDTV if it did come with Cinavia so yeah I'm sure. If your not making an official BD compliant player with full menu support which means getting the blessing from Blu-ray licensing authority then you don't have to include it.

WDTV and Dune players are probably the two most popular ones out there, there's lots of new stuff involving XBMC boxes in the pipeline but thats just around the corner (well next few months).
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I have a new WD TV Live (not hub) that connects to a network share.
My BD are all ripped to a single .M2TS file to be rid of all the annoying preamble on the retail media.

The WD box plays them flawlessly.
No menus available, no menus wanted.

Mine was about $85 or thereabouts, Amazon.
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Originally Posted by Alx330 View Post

Only Blu-ray players come with Cinavia so the Hub doesn't support it

That's not true. BR players are required to have it, but streaming boxes CAN carry it. The Netgear streaming boxes come with Cinavia on them, but I can say definitively that the WD Live Hub doesn't, yet.
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