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Kef Q or Klipsch Reference

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I have read several threads on thoughts between the above mentioned but still would like a hand in deciding which speakers are best for the money.

I used to have Aperion Verus Forte Center and Bookshelves along with Aperion Intimus 4BP surrounds and felt they were pretty decent speakers but before the 30 day trial ended up I returned them and moved on to Klipsch. Reason I did that was that I wanted to hear the difference between silk dome versus aluminum/titanium tweeters and I like the latter more.

Now I am auditioning Klipsch RB-61 II Reference Bookshelves, RC-62 II Reference Center and RS-42 II surrounds. I feel that they are much better sounding than the Aperions and I do like them except that they are really huge speakers. Not a deal breaker since I enjoy them but while I still have these under trial I am still seeing what else is out there which brings me to Kef.

For about $300 more I can get the Kef Q100 Bookshelves, Q600 Center and Q800 Dipole surrounds. I have heard many great things about Kef but before I decide to do anything I am hoping someone will tell me that I should just stand pat or pack everything up and grab the Kef's.

I know it will come down to what I personally like the best after listening to all but I will have more comfort by hearing from those who own these speakers or have had any experience with them.

I will use for 40% movies and 30% each for gaming and music . I have an SVS SB-12 sub and love it so I am good there and my receiver is Pioneer Elite Vsx 52.

I have read on here that if I mainly use for movies that I should stick with Klipsch whereas Kef is better for music. Is there any truth to that?

Any advice or information is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!!
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It's really your choice. I made the mistake of buying speakers because of a suggestion and ended up hating them. Audition the KEFs and see if you like them more. I'm not a Klipsch fan and have owned KEF in the past but that's irrelevant because a fan of Klipsch would have a different opinion. It's all up to your ears. Good luck and have fun. Buying speakers is like Xmas all over again.
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