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Camcorder Storage Options

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Any idea on what is the best storage options on the camcorders - there seems to be a ton of options and I am slightly confused - Can someone give me a quick outline on the important options and what sort of usage goes with each.
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Well it really depends on how much equipment you are storing and how often you haul it around.

For quite a while I have use a Lowepro back pack to tote around and store my Rebel, my Oly Point n Shoot and my older Panasonic GV320 camcorder.

With that I also had all the AV, power and charging bits, extra lens, a few mini mounts ( tripods, Suction mounts ) and MiniDV tapes. It was a tightly packed pile and did well for me. I recently picked up another camera and once I started adding its bits to the bag, it was clear that I had out grown it.

So I picked up a knock off Pelican 1510 Case. I had a scare a few months ago with my full bag tumbling down some stairs ( no damage to the cameras ) so I went the hard case route this go around. The 1510 is FAA approved for carry on ( Bonus ), water tight, well padded ( depending on how you cut the pluck n pick foam ) and very rugged with a life time warranty. Down side is the 1510 new is $170-$210 for a case a bit bigger than a back pack.

I have only got the cameras in this atm, I am waiting on the lid organizer ( zippered pocket etc ) to get the cables sorted, and see how I will end up doing the batteries and the charging devices. To give you an idea I have 3 batteries for the Rebel with 2 chargers, 4 big batteries for the GV320 with 2 chargers, Oly Charger, The V700 Charger and 3 batteries, I also have macro and tele lens, and a few other bits that I know I will get everything into the 1510, its just going to take a bit of time to get it laid out in the most efficient manor. I don't fly a lot but I travel a lot with my gear and I like the bit of added protection the rolling hard case gives me. Just an FYI I would also suggest looking at the 1650 if you need a bit more room than the 1510 gives you.

Hope this gives you some ideas

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