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Problems with Home Theater Setup

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Hello all this is my first post, I am having issues and I thought I would come to the pros for help.

First I will state this is not a state of the art system by any stretch and I am aware of that. Here is a list of my components:

Receiver: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/denon-denon-5-1-channel-3d-home-theatre-receiver-avr-1513-avr-1513/10199397.aspx?lang=en-CA&pcname=&sku=10199397&path=39b4362b020c943ea01ca47ec597bb73en02

Front Speakers: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/precision-acoustics-precision-acoustics-classic-tower-speakers-66t-pairs-classic66t/10175865.aspx

Center Channel: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/precision-acoustics-2-way-center-channel-speaker-hd-c/10101486.aspx?lang=en-CA&pcname=&sku=10101486&path=47ed6bc0cf45582d67fa6ee5a5f337b8en02

Subwoofer: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/polk-audio-polk-audio-10-200-watt-powered-subwoofer-psw110-black-psw110/10086825.aspx?path=b68118b03901b0cb8d7a82869cabfdfden02

Rear In Ceiling Speakers: http://www.klipsch.com/cdt-2650-c-in-ceiling-speaker

All speaker wire is 16 gauge ran through walls to wall plates.

The issue I am having is that the Denon amplifier keeps going into protection mode when a loud part of a movie happens or a bigger bass note. I am not sure if the amp is too small for the setup I am running or what. I cannot seem to allow the volume to go over 64 (out of 100 I believe). I have checked to see if speaker wires happen to be touching or are backwards and everything appears to be in good shape.

What do you think is possibly the problem? Puny amp?? Let me know your thoughts, thanks very much!!
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The issue is not likely related to the AVR as your speakers are generally only drawing < 5W/CH on average let alone anywhere near the max capability of the AVR, rather it more than likely is a wiring issue either at the back of the AVR, at one of the speakers, or somewhere in the wall (eg. nail could have split the cable casing). Try removing all speaker wiring from the back of the AVR and add one speaker back at a time to see which one causes the AVR to go into protection mode.

Also note, there is a dedicated thread for Denon AVR-XX13 owner's linked in my sig.
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Your description does suggest that your receiver is unable to provide enough power to drive your speakers to appropriate volume levels.

If you haven't already done so, make sure the main, center and surround speakers are all set to Small in the receiver's Speaker Setup and that the crossover frequency is set to 80 Hz or higher. This will divert the power-hungry low frequencies from the speakers to the powered subwoofer, offloading the amplifiers in the receiver.
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Hmmmm, so I guess two things to check, first nails in the speaker wire behind the baseboard. Second, messing with the amp?

It worked fine at around 64 volume for the entire length of the movie and never popped into protection once. As soon as I went over 64 it would pop after a few minutes.
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A third thing to check for is hair-fine wires causing intermittent shorts between the binding posts on the receiver and/or the speakers. They might occasionally touch if things vibrate at the higher sound levels. (I use banana plugs because they're easier to properly connect to the wires out in the middle of the room.)
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So it turns out I put a brad nail right through my front right speaker wire behind the wall. Tough luck!! Thanks for all the help folks, I will be fishing a new wire soon frown.gif
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Hah ... guess I nailed it. biggrin.gif
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Awe, too soon? lol
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