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Please help with DirecTV SWM receiver compatibility

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Hey, I'm new here, and I have a question. I'd ask this at the DirecTV forums, but I'd guess they'd try to guide me toward leasing their expensive equipment. I'd appreciate a more unbiased opinion on things.

I just got a new 5LNB AU-9 dish. I'm wanting to upgrade from a non-SWM 3LNB dish. I tried to hook it up to the receiver I have now, (a D12-300) and it never found the satellite. I ran a test and it told me it couldn't receive the signal because there were too many receivers connected to the LNB. There was an error code up on the screen, but I didn't have the presence of mind to write it down. From what I've read the D12-300 should be compatible with SWM, and I'm wondering if I either did something wrong or perhaps I need to call DirecTV in order to make the dish switch.

I'd also like to know if you can still purchase non lease DirecTV boxes on Ebay and use them instead of leasing a box. The DirecTV bill is creeping up towards $100, and I'm looking for ways to reduce costs.

Thanks for the help.

Edit: I'm testing the new dish before I take the old one down, so it's not mounted properly yet. It's going to be difficult to orient it to an exact position to test the signal.
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It's unfortunate that you have to limit yourself like that. Just because it's a forum specifically for DirecTV users, issues, and questions doesn't mean that their purpose in life is to try to sell you stuff.

The D12 is SWM compatible. The 2 questions are: 1) Is the dish pointed correctly, and 2) What LNB does it have. I know you wrote that it was a 5LNB head, but does it have 1 output or 4? If 4, then you need a SWM module. If 1, you should be fine.

If everything is in order (dish orientation and SWM), unplug the receiver and plug it back in after a little bit. It will configure itself for the type of system you have.
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Update: I figured out why it was telling me there were too many receivers hooked up. I'd left the second box hooked up to the original dish. After I disconnected it it started to give me other issues.

It's a 5LNB dish with a single output. I have a power box and a splitter that came with my kit. As far as I can tell I've hooked everything up properly. I thought I'd be able to point the dish in the general direction of the signal and at least pick up a weak signal. Apparently the 5LNB dishes are more sensitive, though. The other issue I'm seeing is that when I set my box for the 5LNB SWM dish it gives me one set of directions for pointing the dish, but when I go to test the signal it has the original data points from the 3LNB dish. I set it up to test and pointed the 5LNB dish in the general direction it's supposed to be pointed, but got zero signal. I guess I'm wondering if the settings have to be exact in order to get a signal with the new dish, or will in the area work.

I've tried unplugging my set top box for about 30 seconds to reset, but it didn't seem to help.
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You can have up to 8 tuners connected to a SWM.

Sounds like an alignment issue. You may have to go into the menu and set it up for a 5LND dish manually. As part of the setup, it'll tell you what elevation and azimuth to set the dish at. Go by those coordinates, check your signal levels, mainly going by 101 & 119. You'll want the numbers to be as high as you can get them, probably in the mid to upper nineties.
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