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Vegas Pro 12 released

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For users with 32-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8, please note the following from Sony Creative:

"64-bit operating systems are the best choice for high-end performance. By focusing exclusively on 64-bit operating systems like Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit, Vegas Pro 12 overcomes many of the limitations of legacy 32-bit software/hardware architecture, enabling users to enjoy superior performance and improved stability for memory-intensive projects and formats."

In other words, Vegas Pro 12 is only for 64-bit Operating Systems. The advantage of this is that they can direct their resources to just one version. The bad news is that there are still a bunch of people who have to stay at 32-bit. For Sony Creative's sake, I hope the quality of Vegas Pro 12 is much higher than 11 since they only had to work on one system. They are running out of excuses if the quality is poor again.

For me, I'll learn Edius (and hope that one day I'll get some 64-bit drivers for two pieces of equipment that I have to use).
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This question is an old one. Up to Vegas Pro 11, we have a 32 and a 64 bit Version. With Vegas Pro 12 we have the 64 bit version only. But that is not important to me, since - for MVC-s3D-ediging - it is a good idea to run Win7 64 bit anyway.

Edius 6.5 is still 32 bit, right - but has some great optimisations for the render process, and runs fine with Win7 64 bit too.

The more important point is that I see some significant changes for s3D in Vegas Pro 12:
- you can pair the events on the timeline, and it is not necessary to pair every clip in a single way anymore
- you can change the s3D-settings of an event in the media browser (if you use footage that is not recognized as s3D)

But the major point is the improved stability of Vegas Pro 12. There were a lot of complains about a low stability of Vegas Pro 11 - that is still not perfect but has become significantly better.
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I don't know if the Vegas 12 stability is any better. I looked at the Sony customer comments (since Vegas Pro 11 keeps reminding me to upgrade to 12, which I won't be doing). Over a quarter were complaints about stability in 12. You would think since they only have one version to worry about (plus the one consumer version) they would have made sure.

Oh well. Every time Vegas Pro 11 crashes now, I take the opportunity to include some "constructive criticism" with my description of the problem. Last two days I had a render that failed at 100% due to a NewBlue Titler issue. That was fun to get through an AVC render and wait 1 hour to find out the last 2 seconds were missing. By 2AM, I was questioning whether it was wise to include a pop-up advertisement window for Vegas Pro 12 after Vegas Pro 11 had just crashed. Kind-of rubbing salt in the wounds for us 32-bit users.
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Have you installed the latest build - 700/701 for Vegas Pro 11?

To run Vegas with Win 7 64 bit would improve the stability.

To avoid the Newblue-Titler improves that stability significantly. Some avoid this titler at all.

To disable cuda improves the stability.

Have you tested all these steps?

And yes, if you have not tested Vegas Pro 12, you cannot know if stability has become better. But it has become better. Still not so rock-stable as Edius, but it seems to be fine for the standard camcorder footage. I have no issues with my TD10 or Z10K footage.
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All good suggestions. I have upgraded to the latest release. Win 7 / 64 is not an option due to other hardware on my computer. Yes, unfortunately removing the NewBlue stuff really does help. I have not tried disabling cuda but disabled GPU rendering.

I'll be learning Edius shortly for use with JVC 3D files. I hope I can find a way to include menus with the 3D footage (and 5.1-channel LPCM sound, to make it more difficult).
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Menüs with 3D footage are possible with Cyberlinks PD11, Magix Pro X4 (only 2D menus), or Pinnacle Studio for AVCHD 3D structures.
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Last minute advisory-

Webinar Introduction to Vegas Pro V12 today at 11:00 AM Central Time. 12:00 Eastern.

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A question for the air

Anyone know any video editing program that is capable of replacing a portion s3d video image occupied by a given plane (background, front) just as it currently does with a chrome effect color.
I think this will be possible and the result will be useful and amazing.

kind regards

O. Alda
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In Vegas that cannot be done. Sure, you can substitute a color with the secondary color corrector, BUT you will not be able to do that for a seleced plane only. I do not know an NLE that is able to do that.
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Use a combination of matte and secondary color corrector. Put the matte video track above the whole scene track.

Hint- Anytime you need to isolate an object in the scene, think matte. Then if the object moves you will need to adjust the key frames in the matte. V12 has some improved bezier curve controls in the matte function.

This is a manual process and will take some time to create the mattes as it moves in the scene but the process will work.
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SCS has released the latest UPDATE to Vegas Pro v12

Build 486 has some improvements and many many bug fixes including rendering crash bugs.

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Originally Posted by JOAT09 View Post

A question for the air

Anyone know any video editing program that is capable of replacing a portion s3d video image occupied by a given plane (background, front) just as it currently does with a chrome effect color.
I think this will be possible and the result will be useful and amazing.

kind regards

O. Alda

This isn't possible in Edius, either. I don't really see how it could be done. Editing 3D is not about depth planes in space. It's about manipulating two flat images. What you're asking sounds like an attempt to determine which objects are in front and in back of others, such as is done in 2D to 3D conversion. Whether it's done in hardware or software, the results of that are wildly inconsistent. One of the big reasons it's so hard is that the number of "planes" front to back in 3D space is essentially infinite. For very simple scenes it might be possible, but not for much of what we shoot in the real world. Color manipulation for two flat images, OTOH, is easy.
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The only think that can work is to shoot s3D in a green or blubox. And then substitute the background with another s3D footage, that is placed in the depth space behind the first shoot. That gives amazing results, and was used in "The live of Pi".
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Hello Clark
I know that today there are no programs to do so, because this option is impossible in 2D, but It can be created for 3D, comparing the two images can be calculated depth, and better with more resolution.
Don, tells us a correct system using masks that move in every frame but this system is tedious.
This development would be a great advantage for the 3D.

Let's hope the proper person reads this


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Again, that can be done - if you shoot the first depth bracket within a certain range in a Greenbox, and a second depth bracket within another depth bracket. And then combine the both depth brackets in tools like Vegas or Edius. That is not impossible, but it is for sure more complicated that most things we are talking about here.
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Not always we have a green box or green background in the field.
Many times you have good clips ruined by a bad back and then you need these effects.
In the future will bring a green cloth with the camera.

Thanks and regards

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Well, if you wish to do a keying, then you have to prepare yourself during the shooting to be able to key that later. Without that you will not be able to do that. Unfortunately it is complicated, but it is as it is.
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Newegg has an absolutely killer deal on Vegas Pro Premium today only. For $219.99 you get Vegas Pro 12, Sound Forge Pro 10 (with free upgrade to SFPro 11) and 180 days of free technical support. Yikes! eek.gif

Be sure to use this promo code at checkout:

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The latest updates to Vegas 12 have added a new feature that I really like. The thumbnails for all 3D clips in the Explorer window. It's about time Sony. I sent this in 2 years ago. Very happy to finally see this make the grade.

The other development is a near perfectly stable operation for editing. Last week I worked on editing a project for 3 days and Vegas didn't lock up once. I imaging the developers continue to discover little tweaks in the code that make the operation more stable. It's an ongoing process but working.
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Alda- I don't have much experience with 3Ds on green screen but I'm sure it can be done with our tools. I have a considerable amount of experience with chromakey set design and multicamera productions in Broadcast 2D TV. Some of that experience that will hold true for 3D is that lighting is much more critical with using chroma keying. A good waveform monitor is almost a requirement to set your lighting during the shoot. Preventing the green glow on skin and light colored clothing is also critical. Tiny green specs of color in your subjects need to be avoided, such as multi colored neckties with the key color in the pattern. Finally, camera movement has to be considered since moving a camera on a subject or zooming with a keyed in backdrop that doesn't have the same camera movement can look silly. Chromakey is not as simple as it looks. Having the right colored green screen and the Keyer is only 2% of the battle. The other 98% is knowledge and experience.
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