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Samsung Plasma has very faint red horizontal lines, help!

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My Samsung 58" Plasma is about 2 years old, and when viewing something bright white, very faint red lines appear on the right side of the screen, fanning out from the center (see linked photo).


I haven't seen this specific issue anywhere on the web. I've tried replacing both y-buffer boards, but that didn't fix it. Anyone seen this issue before?
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My 58C500 had the same issue pink horizonal bands going across each band was about 3" thick.
Mine was under warranty at the time and Samsung came out and replaced my screen.
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Been about two years since I've gotten on the AVS forum. Bought Samsung 6400 58" plasma in 7/10. Setup at the time using Mantis settings. Absolutely no problems with pictue quality until recently. Notice whenever the screen is supposed to be white (usually during commercials or a white cloud scene) there is a pinkish purple band that appears across the middle of the screen horizontally. Been experimenting with the settings trying to get it to go away. White balance, etc but no luck.
Kind of annoying, but not really noticeable during normal viewing of movies, etc. anyone have any suggestions for fixing this? My firmware is rather old #1022. Unfortunately my unit is out of warranty by now.
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Same here, I replaced a bad Y-Sus board/ Buffers but i got that problem, I noticed that after it gets warm the pink dots go away, but then the horizontal purple haze/lines shows on the screen, noticeable even on black images......
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I've got the same issues, what did you come up with. I paid almost 1800 for this unit and am worried that its going out.
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I've got the same issues, what did you come up with. I paid almost 1800 for this unit and am worried that its going out.
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My Samsung plasma of only 7 months did the same thing. Had red lines across the screen and started noticing red patches in the lower left corner of the screen.

Under warranty, so I fought with Samsung for weeks and finally had a local repair company come out to replace the panel. Worked great for a month and had the same issues again. This time there was also a black line dividing the screen in two.

After the same techs were sent out again they recommended a full replacement. Simply wasn't worth it to pay a repair shop $2000 to fix a $1200 plasma, for a second time.

I was refunded my money and bought a Panasonic plasma. Never looked back. Not only is the picture quality and black levels drastically better with the Panasonic, it hasn't had a single problem yet.
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Since my unit is almost 2 1/2 years old and out of warranty, I'm probably looking at a $2k repair to replace the panel which looks to be the only solution available. Paid $1.7k for the Samsung 6400C and at the time thought the pictue was 1st rate, it still is assuming I can ignore the pink band - but it's becoming worse over time. Next purchase will definately NOT be a Samsung, probably go with Panasonic LED.
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Any update on this? I have the same issue
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I have this same purple banding with my 58 C8000 plasma. The hell with fixing it out of warranty, I am just never going to buy a Samsung TV again.
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My 58" C550 has the same purple banding problem. At first it didn't happen too often so I ignored it. Bad idea. Now it does this all the time on white backgrounds. The set is just under 3 years old.

Today, I called Samsung and they refused to offer any help with a repair since it is out of warranty. OK, I get it now. How silly of me to expect your TV to last 3 years. The rep from Executive Customer Relations put the final nail in the Samsung coffin when she told me that their engineers are "not aware" of this problem. Apparently, they must not read the customer forums on their own web site.

Dear Samsung: Sorry, but I won't be buying another one of your disposable TVs. Oh, and one more thing. I am "not aware" of any reason to purchase any of your other products either.

With all of the people having this problem, it shouldn't be too long before someone files a class action suit.
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Common issue with these sets, easily fixed: the Vs was set too low to keep energy consumption lower. Increase Vs by a few volts and it will fix it. It can be done with a screwdriver and digital multimeter.

I fix a lot of Samsung products. My opinion is they are poorly built and have short lifespans.
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Certainly can concur with that.

Where would I find the Vs adjustment? What would an expected voltage be after the adjustment?

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I have a Samsung D6500. My Vs is set to 205, sticker on the inside of the panel (left hand) side. Check with a voltmeter first to see what your current voltage is at and if it's not correct adjust it to the value that is written on the sticker. When my Vs is at 199v I get a red magenta "red rash" effect that is about 2/3rd's of the way down on the right side of the panel . It shows it's ugly head the most with very bright scenes or brightest whites. It appears like static , it comes and goes...I fixed it by setting my Vs voltage to factory default.
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