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Hi everyone,

I am trying to put together a very inexpensive 2 channel set so I have something to enjoy music on when my wife takes over the TV and good stereo, which is most nights. I plan to get a 2 channel amp, speakers, and a usb DAC.

For the amp, I am looking for something 60-100wpc , on e bay and craigslist I see in the $150 or less (I did say budget) shipped (or pick up in my area)price range

Audiosource amp-100, amp-2
Behringer A500
Adcom GFA-535, GFA-5300
Sonance 260, 2120t
Occasional Onkyo
Occasional Kenwood (like Basic M-1)
Niles SI-245, SI-275
NAD 2240PE

The Sonance are even under $100 which I could put the difference torward speakers where it might make more differance

I want something that will produce the best sound for the money, maybe a touch warm and not bright or harsh. I just don't know enough about these to make an informed decision, are any of them junk that should not be considered? Any of them significantly better, or are they all pretty similar? I will probably be driving some older Polks, maybe some RT400 that I have found for under $100 If I spend less on the amp I could maybe swing a pair of LS70

Any feedback is appreciated

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