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Do the new DLP still have rainbow effect?

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I now have a sony hx929 and befor it, there was a samsung plasma and befor the plasma, i also had a sony A3000.. In 2006 the DLP was my first HD tv, i thought the picture was outstanding, but saw the rainbow effect and sent it back for a sony A2000 and never went back as you can see... I didnt really liked the A2000, but I really Ioved the A3000 and DLP pictures. samsung plasma was okay okay and it never really give me that wow factor and the sony's HX929 was close but still i feel its missing something and its too late to return it and i might sell it for a new DLP thats out there, but the big problem is the rainbow effect.... I would like hear from those who used to see it, but not anymore in the DLP's and i know what some of you are going to say, why dont u go out there and see it in some bestbuy store, well they nolonger sell them and the only way for me too buy one is off some online store.....
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I have a Mits 73640 (2011 model) and it's my first DLP. Before I bought it I had read that the newer models aren't as noticeable on the rainbow effect as the older DLP's. That being said I noticed the rainbow effect almost right off the bat, however after about a month of having the set they almost completely went away. Now I really only see them on content that has a lot of dark and then something really bright. Sometimes having subtitles on in movies will give slight rainbows due to the intensity of the white in the text. Overall I don't really see them anymore and when I do it's not nearly as annoying as it first was so much so I rarely think about it unless someone brings up DLP rainbows like your thread. smile.gif

Oh and if you got the $$ apparently the Mits Laservue DLP's do not have any rainbow effect. I'm not overly familiar with those models but I think they don't have a color wheel so it eliminates the rainbow effect.
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i know about the Mits Laservue... I need to win some money, to get that! smile.gif thank u for saying something, cause it seemed like no one cared to say anything.....
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A certain small percentage of people still see rainbows with the newer Mits DLPs despite the fact that the newer color wheels rotate faster, which mitigates rainbows.

The Laservue, through its elimination of the color wheel (as you now have three discrete color emitters) eliminates the rainbows completely.
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