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Karaoke - Adding karaoke to my existing home theater/living room.

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Hi everyone,

I've been searching high and low across these boards for a similar topic, and haven't really found a solution/answer. I am looking at adding Karaoke as a major form of entertainment in my living room. I purchased my parents a Vocopro Hero-SV a few years ago, and it works great. User friendly, tons of inputs, great Mics, etc. So I've considered going with a similar model, with more speakers. However, it occurred to me that I already have a 7.1 channel system in the room (Paradigm Monitor V6, 11's, ADP-390, CC-290), that are considerably better than the speakers in the cab.

My concern is that singing Karaoke out of those speakers could be damaging to them (definite no-no). So I am wondering if there is a "right way" to integrate Karaoke in to my existing system. I'd like the source to be a mix of Karafun (internet streaming), CD+G, and MP3+G. Ideally, I should have wireless microphones, and be able to run the audio/video from the pc wirelessly to the receiver, then output the graphics to my Panasonic plasma (via HDMI).

Current receiver is Pioneer VSX-21TXH (no airplay, or networking). I am willing to change anything that might be necessary, and buy all necessary equipment. Really want to buy quality stuff, that will last a while. Thanks for your input.
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One part just sort of hit me over the head, rather than try to airplay/dlna, etc everything, I can just control my pc that has the hardwired microphone outs (from wireless receiver) and audio out to receiver, with Citrix GoToMyPC, then have all that equipment stowed away.

Well that should save some money. Now how to connect Video and Audio to Receiver from PC, to receiver, and how to connect microphones to PC and use Karafun....decisions decisions.
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Thanks Neuro. Read each thread thoroughly, and has given me some guidance. Here's where my thinking is now:

In short, mind is slightly blown.


1) I want to use Wireless Mics
2) I want to use a software based solution rather than discs (whether that be KaraFun or kJams (kinda liking this now))
3) I want to be able to use CD+G and MP3+G
4) I want to be able to record the vocals (can be done with Garage band, and existing Condenser, but would still be fun for Karaoke).


1) Can I safely use my AVR and Speakers for Karaoke? How? Is it cost-beneficial, or sound quality beneficial? Or neither, and just cosmetically beneficial? (I'm coming to the conclusion it's just cosmetics, hope I'm wrong right now).

2) Can I use PC software, USB inputs, and HDMI outputs as a mixer/limiter/compressor for Microphones? If not, can I find an all-in-one solution to add in line? (Limiter/compressor seem to be key in getting safe signal for AVR/Speakers from Mics. Inline mixer just further complicates.

3) How do I connect wireless microphones to the PC, and use with Karafun, or KJams?

Any additional guidance is really appreciated. Almost ready to throw hands up and use an all-in-one solution, with PC input, but really dreading the cosmetics of having that in the living room all the time and the wires hanging around.
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After a considerable amount of consideration, and cost benefit analysis, I have decided on the attached setup:

The idea is to keep the system flexible (ability to Use CD+G that friends bring over, if necessary), yet, allow for integration with the rest of the system. Purchasing separates would become expensive, and a lot of junctions (pieces). This method simplifies it pretty well. My one piece of equipment I might add is a limiter in line to the AVR.

I am almost certainly going to use the VocoPro HERO-SV.

Question is how am I going to link PC to Head, and Head to AVR. I have to go RCA in to the VocoPro, but can go digital out. Not sure what I am going to want to go with. Opinions here are appreciated.

Thanks for looking.
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