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Turntable Needle Help.

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I'm getting into my turntable again!biggrin.gif I have over 100 LP's.eek.gif : Would these Jico's work with my Shure M104E cartridge? If not which one would go with it? Also any sibilance associated with them? I have a Technics 1200 rebranded AudioTek Manual turntable. I also have a Technics Direct Drive SL-QD2 with a Audio-technica AT 92ECD connected to my Onkyo TX 707 receiver. My main problem is sibilance with both. I also have a Shure M97xE, but looking for a cheaper option with the other cartridges with Jico.
Looking at these:
Also is this the cheapest place to get these needles? I also want to make sure they are not fake Jico.
I'm getting Sibilance with most of my LP's. That's why I'm looking at other carts. I'm tracking them on what it says on the box and setup the turntable anti-skating too on my Belt drive TT. I also have a Direct drive and the same thing happens. I looked at youtube and mostly tried what they said. and to no avail. I have Shure M97XE, M104E and AT 92ECD cartridges. Taking suggestions as well.
Thank In advance!
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If you have the M97, why not just use it?

Looking at the prices of the Jico stylii you linked, even if your M97 was worn/damaged, you can pick them up NIB for <$80 new for the whole cart.

That said, the Jicos are good: I have one for my V15VxMR.

If you have sibilance, check your setup again.
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I am using the M97 and get sibilance as well. I will try another receiver and see if it does the same thing.
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Have you checked your set up? Alignment, VTA and checked there is no damage to the stylus by visual inspection with a magnifier? Was the SL clone used for DJing? If so the arm bearings might be shot.
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The sibilance you describe is a classic product of mistracking. most people make the mistake of setting the tracking force too light.

Many cartridges will not track properly with that type of turntable unless the tracking force is 2.5 grams or higher. I have seen this over and over, especially with older turntables whose arm compliance is not as good as when new.

2.5 grams is NOT an excessive tracking force for any cartridge I know of, and tracking too light can cause not only the sibilance you hear but actual physical record damage.

I would also say that the phono stage/ RIAA processing in the receiver is not high quality.

You will hear a dramatic improvement in sound quality if you get the Musical Fidelity V-LPS phono preamp and run your cartridge thru that into a line-level input on the receiver. It is less than $200 and competes with some costing several times as much.

Onkyo probably put about $15 into that phono stage, and it is not very good.
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