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Vizio M3D420SR power problem (Set will not turn on).

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I have had my M3D420SR 3D set since 11/25/11. It worked great until yesterday when I got home and tried to turn it on it would not do anything. No flash, no click NOTHING. The set is getting power because the front VIZIO light is lit and the Optical light on the back is lit. The internet connection (which is usually lit and sometime flashes) is not. From what I understand this is a common problem with Vizio's. The tech support asked when I bought it and where and they said it was still under warranty and scheduled a tech to come out. Tech support did not ask if I still had the receipt ( I can't find it). I am hoping the repair man will fix it but with my luck I will be SOL. Has anyone else had similar problems and did the repair man ask to see a receipt?
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I Have the same problem and just happen last night and bought my TV the same day at Walmart.
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If you registered your TV when you bouught it or if the store can provide the sale date to Vizio based on the serial number you should not need your copy of the receipt.
Did you try unplugging the TV for about 20 minutes and plugging it back in and using the physical on/offswitch on the TV bezel instead of the remote?
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I did leave it unplugged for a whole night and nothing. Vizio rep did not say I needed anything as far as the receipt goes. I asked 'What will I need to have when the repair man gets here' and he said nothing at all. They have one shot to make this right with me. I was going to buy a larger screen Vizio this holiday season but now I am afraid to. To pay so much for a TV and to last less then a year is really sad, I wish I had gone with the LG now.
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Thanks for the advice. The store did still have the records and I have them ready for the tech is he asked for it.
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I have my appointment with the repair tech tomorrow between 11:0 0 AM & 13:00 PM. I will let you know what happens.
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I am guessing that he will replace the Main PCB. He should have one with him, along with a power supply when he shows up.
I have only heard of Vizio repair techs but have never seen an authorized Vizio service technician.
Hopefully he has more skills than a trained monkey with a screwdriver.biggrin.gif
Good luck and I hope you get a speedy repair.
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The problem has been fixed, oddly it was a firmware update (or lack there of) issue. I have my TV connected directly to my modem & have always been able to use Facebook, and hulu but whenever I tried to get a firmware update it would never work. I am quite disturbed that a firmware update (or lack of) would cause such a major problem requiring a tech run. The tech was very efficient and courteous. VIZIO has made this problem go away, the problem started at 06:15 AM on 09/25/12 and the set was back in use at 11:00 AM on 10/01/12.
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That was indeed a timely repair. It's good to know that there are some qualified Vizio techs out there.
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how did he upgrade the firmware if the tv would not turn on? sorry I am having the exact same problem and am trying to avoid a tech call seeing as it has been 370 days since I purchased the tv. Thank you in advance.
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I got the same problem.
Any clue how to get firmware updated while can not turn on the TV.
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Did not appear this kind of problem.
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