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First time posted, long time reader! HT build

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I've been scanning this forum for years now, but finally decided to sign up and post.

I'll looking for some wonderful forum advice on a few things. I finally have a dedicated room being built in my new house for theater, and am beginning the design phase.

First things first, the concrete specs:

Room size: 26 x 18 x 9
All equipment will be in a room behind the screen that is quite large. There is a concrete wall between the equipment room and the theater room, but I plan on drilling through to make wire passthroughs.

Mainly the room, roughly 75% of the time, will be viewing 16:9 content. The thought was to have a masked screen (horizontal mask) that widens for 2.35:1. I wasn't planning on going anamorphic, just shift/zoom for simplicity.

One thing I'm stuggling with is speaker placement on the front. I have heard the Klipsch Ultra 2's, and I like them. I know they are a bit old, but I don't care about that. If I go an AT screen, I'm worried about the front speakers being too close together, assuming I need to be inside of the 16:9 viewing area. I say that because I assume that the masking material is NOT acoustically transparent.

Option two would be center channel only behind the screen, and LR outside of the viewing area.

Option three is center below and no AT screen. But I really do like the central center idea....

Also, I have no reservations in farming out some of this work to a TRUE professional, but everyone I've talked to so far in stores, well, lets just say I know more about acoustics than they do (I have experience with recording studio acoustics setups). Every 'pro' so far has scared me....

Anyhow, this forum has helped me learn so much over the years, hopefully the wonderful people on here can help make my dreams a reality!

Oh, and budget.. I have people doing all of the architectural work to whatever I decide, so we won't put that in the budget. Same as equipment install. I'm an electrical engineer, I think I can install most things. So for equipment only budget (Screen, speakers, projector, amplifiers, sources, AV processor, acoustic treatment, etc) is between 50-100k. Lets try to act like it's 50, so that when it creeps up to 100, I'm still within budget, haha.
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Are you getting any theater design assistance for your room? At your equipment budget its a no brainer to have the Erskine Group help with your project.
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Speakers behind masking can be done. I've seen many people place them all behind the screen and have seen many that have the center only behind the screen. It all depends on the room if you want to do it the correct way. Dennis' $600 minimal plan will place them where they "should" be located. And, he actually talked to me about using the Klipsch speakers in my build.
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