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Gyration GYR 4101 Manual

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Just checking if anyone has the manual for the Gyration Air Music remote GYR4101. I have searched online and can find nothing. Gyration likes to act like they never made this remote (nothing on their website even references the old remotes). I have emailed them for help, but not expecting anything. I just bought the remote on ebay and am trying to get it working with my equipment but can't figure out the programming. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
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Just called the gyration support, very helpful and easy to get in touch with. They are emailing me the manual, I will upload it here once I get it for anyone else out there that needs it.
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Did you ever get this manual? If so, can you post it please?

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I followed your lead and "Called Them"... Sometimes I forget that a phone call [in this day of texting and instant messaging] can accomplish so much more than a web search...

Dave at SMK-USA is the same guy that helped me years ago with my Gyration Remote Control replacements (back when mine had a warranty) and he graciously granted me access to the ftp site where he posted all the support files for these end-of-life products.

Thanks again for your second post in this thread that lead me to find what I've been looking for for over a month. biggrin.gif


PS... I will re-post all the files in a public SkyDrive folder which can be found in the following link: http://sdrv.ms/UdeJXQ
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This really helped. smile.gif
It's like they were trying to wipe this particular model from existence.

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If you like the way Gyration works (I personally do not), there is an iPhone app called MobileMouse that works the same way. It's only a couple of bucks.
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