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I have a Pioneer VSX-1021k wired to a Bose Acoustimass-7 speaker system (L, R, C, bass module), plus two Bose 100 rear speakers. In this older Bose system, the receiver's L, R, and C outputs are connected directly to the bass module, and from there to the individual L, R, and C speakers. The bass module derives its signal from the 3 inputs. (When I set up the VSX, I show that there is no subwoofer, since there is no connection to the VSX subwoofer terminals.)

When I run MCACC on the VSX, it complains that the L and R speakers have incorrect phase. I have wired this system 3 times (original plus 2 more after taking the VSX to a Pioneer repairman), and have carefully checked the wiring each time. MCACC complained each time. The system works and the output seems to be correct, but I am not convinced that it is performing as well as it could if the phase complaints were not present. I assume that I shouldn't reverse the wiring to the speakers, since I don't want to damage anything. Is there any way around this problem? confused.gif