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Urc equivalent of harmony 900

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I previously had an mx-500 that i really liked but was tempted by the color screens and activity tracking of the harmony 900. After messing around for 6 months with trying to get the delays reduced and rf "x" symbols ive had enough.

What would be the most appropriate replacement for the 900? Mx-880? And what is the most affordable base station that you would recommend? Anything else i should check out?

Thanks for any advice!
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I would look at the MX-780 or the MX-880. The base station would be the MRF-260. The first real step though is finding your local dealer and make sure they will give you the software with your purchase. Each dealer has the discretion to offer the software or not.

Here is a link to the dealer locator: http://www.universalremote.com/locator/
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Thanks for the suggestions. I have the software already and am somewhat familiar with it, so that isn't an issue. Finding an appropriate remote is...
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I have programmed several Harmony remotes for friends and family. I own and use URC MX-980, 880, 780 and KP-900's. The MX-980 offers more robust variable control and much better graphic control than all the others of the x80 line. If you are familiar with the software then you understand there is no "activity" functions out of the box and you must figure out a way to track "state" if you do not have discrete codes for all of your sources. I would first check the IR code set for all of your sources and see if you have discrete power codes for all of your gear. If you do not then you want to make sure you can use variables to track the power state of your gear.

Now when if comes to the differences in functionality between the 880 and the 780. The biggest difference I feel is that the 880 "wakes up" when you move it. The 780's lcd screen will not activate until you push a button. So if you need to push a button that is on the lcd screen and it is "sleeping" then you will need to make two button presses. The 780 has very limited graphical customization.

I guess I would need to know what else you did not like about the 900 to say if they can be resolved by the URC remotes.
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My apologies for the long reply time, I didn't realize you had replied!

Can you explain variables a bit more? I'm not too familiar with that.

The limited graphical customization doesn't bother me about the 780, but I do like the auto wake feature.

re: the 900. What I don't like: build quality, freezes requiring the battery to be removed weekly, buggy and very intermittent rf communication resulting in constant missed or mistimed commands. Remote was returned, I bought another and have the exact problems with the second. Logitech support has been unable or unwilling to help.
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Honestly, I just want a reliable RF remote that can power my relatively simple system... I don't need a ton of bells and whistles.
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