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digital1crystal screen paint

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The digital1crystal screen paint is HD daytime solution for price of $58 1qt ( as
advertised )
here is a youtube shows their paint effects on daytime ( you can search youtube alot of it )

and here is their web site :

if it's good to be true .. could t be a competitive paint for that price ??

any one test the paint post your opinion please smile.gif
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here is another show on daytime ...
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You've gotta be kidding me! The guy is projecting from a few feet away onto something like a 24" diagonal screen (a post office box). An LED pico projector would look good on a screen that size with the lights on. P.T. Barnum was right.
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that's no way 24" diagonal screen ( IMO )
to be fair - its from 80"/100" diagonal screen i could say !!

we are talking about $119 for 1 gal with kit ( gives you 100"+ coating )
am very excited about it and its worth a try ( i still don't have a projector ) but soon i will biggrin.gif
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anyone tried this?
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if i could have a projector i would have test it and give my results
i am sure some people will give us a good review of the paint ...
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i am planning to, but i need to fix and sand the wall at first.

The thing on his videos; he usually project very close to the screen which seems like not a real world application. For me, i am projecting from 17ft, will i have good results from that distance is a question mark. But i think it will be better than my regular pink drywall biggrin.gif
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im no expert redface.gif
17ft is like 150"+ ( awesome ) wink.gif
and its all up to how good your projector is ( a cannon )
he use BenQ MS500 ( 2500 ANSI ) as say and show
his projecting 80"/100" diagonal screen i could say ( 9ft )
and thats the best you could get out of $300 rang projector
or even recommended for 1080p mid range PJ screen diagonal
cant tell .....

well smooth surface always recommended for better PQ
pink drywall biggrin.gif ( love watching girls on it tongue.gif )
definitely you will see a huge difference with digital1crystal screen paint ( i believe )

you can contact him at : digital1crystal.screen.paint@live.com
and may offer you free sample of paint
then try it out and give us your impression smile.gif
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i sent him an email for sample paint for a couple of sqft so that we can evaluate the product.
If he accepts it, i wil pre-prepare the drywall. I will smooth out all the wall and make the patching etc.

If he sends a sample to me, i will paint the middle section with digital1crytal and we will all can see the results.

BTW i am using a Mitsubishi HC3800
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I got a response from Kenneth(owner/ceo):

Hello Burton123 smile.gif
Sorry our beta testing program is over we had about 62 beta tester on our product all test came through with flying colors. i myself have launch about 144 youtube video throwing every kind of test at this paint i could think of as for the drywall test check out our video demonstration on our website at www.digital1crystal-screen-paint.com

btw we watch the avsform pretty much every day thank you for your time.

Kenneth Byrd owner/ceo

anyways as soon as my wall is ready, I will give it a try and share the results...
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well am sorry to hear that burton123

anyways am just guessing from his video demonstration that you not gonna regret it ...
its only $58 for 1 Qt . we should give it a shot biggrin.gif

until then im ( and many of us ) waiting your results....

good luck smile.gif
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Originally Posted by burton123 View Post

I got a response from Kenneth(owner/ceo):
Hello Burton123 smile.gif

btw we watch the avsform pretty much every day thank you for your time.
Kenneth Byrd owner/ceo

Seems like maybe YYY484 is the one who is watchin...or maybe he is Kenny..
Here a Tip, offer free samples of your product , just enough to paint a 2x2 test panel, cost you the can and $5 shipping.. if the product is all you claim, people will the order it...
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Originally Posted by airscapes View Post

Seems like maybe YYY484 is the one who is watchin...or maybe he is Kenny..
Here a Tip, offer free samples of your product , just enough to paint a 2x2 test panel, cost you the can and $5 shipping.. if the product is all you claim, people will the order it...
No Sir you are wrong and i have to prove nothing smile.gif
im from Oman ( omany ) you can Google it !!
all i wanna say am sporting no one rolleyes.gif
not even having a projector ( next year i will ) biggrin.gif
its an open thread that we share our experience with the best price and quality screen matters
and hell no way i pay those 2$k range screen ( ultra over priced ) IMO .
we back up our self for bringing people like me and others with acceptable price and quality screen solution
and let those over priced die in vain mad.gif

SO its your call
try it or buy what ever you like..
and if i came to know its all faked or its not where it says ( SHAME ) . here i will advise no one to even try it !!!

GOOD LUCK smile.gif
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one thing that I am worried is,
when you search digital1crytal paint at google,

on the top you can see his uploads, his comments, his web siteswhich means the google entries are done by a software.
These softwares are you on various purposes:
.Changing the reputation(you can put your results in front of the results that you don't want to see), etc

But the video's are very promising so I am thinking as it is for advertisement purposes. Anyways,I filed the holes on the walls and there were some damaged parts that I filled with spackling compound yesterday.
I will sand, sand, sand and sand (80-150-300-whatever the higher grit I could find ) and prime, sand, prime for the next 2 days. Maybe I could light sand and prime one more coat.

I will give my order today and will see smile.gif
BTW, my screen will be 120" due to ceiling height limitation so how many qts do I need to order? I am planning 2 coats.
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before you commit, you may want to pay a visit to the DIY form where you can learn all the ins and out of painting a screen for under $100
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i was worried two .. and then its like advertisement purposes !!
and whats really worries me that you don't find some body talking about it . especially when it comes to digital1crystal screen paint VS other products
not even white normal painted wall !!!
again i refer to the product release and publicity (NEW)
and whats cheer me up is the price biggrin.gif

OK there is one way to clear all doubts and thoughts is to try it out ...
once we found out how good it is . then the rest of us will have a clear picture about what we are up to !! ( including me )
we knew its worth a try with the price of $58 from what we have seen so far and compare it with other screen paint ( price + quality ) really promising
and i am very excited about it cool.gif

well about surface preparation i am no expert ...
get your wall smooth before finish coat...

1- if you got big and deep holes ( damage ) then 1 refill is not enough . let it dry for one day and then sand it ( let say with 100 )
and apply the second refill and do the same until its all washed out smooth

2- apply 1 coat of wall primer ( i believe its enough on good old painted wall- if not go 2 coat ) with fast sanding ( its all depends how good your painting to get the surface back smooth )
( keep in mind you going to apply digital1crystal paint and again sanding over for second coat - so sanding the primer is not that necessary )

3- apply one coat of digital1crystal paint ( as advertised its enough ) but you dont go wrong with 2 coats ( dont touch it for 5 years tongue.gif )

** i think 1 gal is more then enough for 120" ( 1 coat )
if you wanna apply 2 coat . make sure that you have over half paint left ( do not thick paint for both coats )
and all i know digital1crystal is a water base paint so it can be diluted with water ( read paint sheet if included or better ask Kenny about it )

all the best . and dont forget to feedback smile.gif
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i seen DIY screen section and the guys over there are genius ( a lot to learn )
but its like pay $500+ nice look AT screen ( may bad PQ ) or find out your own screen ( may better PQ )
and again its not any body can get it right !!!!

so the simplest way is a spacial screen paint ( and thats my way unless digital1crystal paint is not up to it )
and if the price all that matter . then save the $50/$100 bucks whatever and buy a cheap pj and say hello every body i am a hardcore...
am saying if you can afford $119 for goood PQ screen then go for it !!! ( nothing proves here that the paint is perfect . we can tell from youtube and youtube not enough it self )
different people different desire biggrin.gif

one last thing if i can get from DIY screen section something better then digital1crystal paint and cheaper or little higher
i will definitely go for it if not that complex mixture paint or materials smile.gif
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I got a qt of the paint to try. I painted 1 thin coat of the foil face of insulated foam board (1/2 & 1/2) and on the plastic coated face of another piece of foam board. I then placed them against my 90" black out cloth screen. The foil piece is on the left, the boc screen is center and the plastic piece is in the right. The projector is an Optoma hd66 (2400 lumens, 4000:1). The pics were taken with my phone so they aren't the best. I used a 1/4" nap roller to apply the paint. I wanted to get daylight pictures but taking down the window covering will get me hurt, so I pulled it back & opened the blinds. In my unscientific, untrained eye, the boc was watchable, but very washed out. The painted pieces showed much better. Am I ready to drop $50+ on a piece if Sintra and use this paint in lieu of one of the formulas over in the DIY section? Not yet. Would I drop $15 on a piece of 1/4" hardboard and try that w/2 coats? Yes. I would consider painting the BOC but because I'm rolling the paint, I think using a hardboard type material would be easier. This is all experimental and strictly my opinion, so take it for what it is worth. Here are some pics.

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well thanks a lot jwh92020 for the test smile.gif
we wait from you the last impression ( daytime ) - not forgetting there will be some advanced digital1crystal paint ( silver HD ) or ( black HD )
i can feel happy now somehow . not yet let others try out and see what they say about it ...
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keep it up jwh92020 smile.gif
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shipping is $34 for a gallon and $14 for Qt. Isnt it high?
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BTW i sanded the spacked areas and some rough spots yesterday and apply 2 thin layers of Kilz primer. It made a huge difference in quality than my older purple/pink wall.
I will try to find a 320/400 grid sand paper and sand the screen area again today and apply one more layer of primer.
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i have no idea about shipping and tax stuff !!
in fact .. never order any thing yet my self redface.gif

just to tell you what .. some people from DIY use the primer as their main screen ( it proves to be acceptable )
OK so we are done with filling holes and stuff ( the filler should be over the surface texture and then the sanding take its place for smoothing and leveling with the original surface )
you do not need 3 primes 2 coat more then enough . unless over sanding washed the most of the primer !! ( do not thin or thick the primer )
and you do not have to go 400 grid - go mid and save your time and efforts !!
( ultra sanding and coating is not a big key ) . especially you going to do 2 finish coat system - again sanding the first coat before the last ...
dont give your self a very hard time - at the end the surface applied with roller not spraying witch leaves the finish of smoothness drop tongue.gif
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but i think if you dont smooth out, it will cause wrong reflections and reduce the quality.
Sanding takes around 10 min for my screen, i have a power sander. So no big deal. I bought some sand papers today, 200 400 and 600 from lowes.
I will try to smooth out as much as i can.

I still didnt give my order. Today is the last billing day for my credit card smile.gif

OK, another question; is 1 gallon enough for 2 coats of 120" -130" screen?
according to the web calculators, it is but i have no idea how thick this paint is.
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Here is Round 2 of my test with the paint. The screen surface is "Thrify White Hardboard" (basically a dry erase board). The left side is the raw board, the right is painted with 2 coats of the paint. The projector is an Epson Movie Mate 60 (2000 lumens, 3000:1 contrast, 540p). I did not calibrate it or change any video settings except to fit the image to the screen. The screen is approximately 90" diagonal and setting on my dresser. The projector was setting about 8 ft away. Video source was from my Dish Receiver through a Joey (a remote tuner) via HDMI to projector. These were taken between 4:30 & 5 pm. The room faces south, so it is about the maximum amount of light the room can get. The first picture is the room itself.
#2 - Lights on, door uncovered, camera flash
#3 - Lights on, door covered, camera flash
#4 - Lights on, door covered, no flash
#5 - Lights off, door covered, no flash

What you will notice is a bit of hot spotting on the left screen. That is to be expected when using a shiny white surface. I will withhold my thoughts until you have had a chance to form your own opinions.

Feel free to PM me if you have questions or comments (be nice, I'm not a professional)

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burton123 - I bought a quart of the paint. I have painted the equivalent of 2 - 90" screens and I have used 1/2 of the can. It is thicker than ordinary wall paint, but it rolls easily. Ken (Mr. Digital1) said foam rollers are best, but I have an aversion to them so I used a 1/4" nap " 6 inch weenie roller" instead. There is a bit of texture after it's dry, but you can't see it much in the light and not at all in the projected image.
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again jwh92020 thanks a lot for sharing your test here smile.gif
so a guy like me and others come to know what this paint is about ...

anyways i will hear it from you .. is it worth the price and daytime gain !!!

i am thinking about my DIY paint :

1- pearl glitter ( nail polish ) small spoon
2- fluorescent paint ( nail polish ) 15ml
3- matte gray ( 1lt )

mix it up .. may add more here less there with the formula .....

i used to have a projector like 10 years back with a white cloth hanging on the wall ( satisfied that time ) .. nothing cross my mind about painting or buying AT screen biggrin.gif

well thanks jwh92020 I am waiting ( silver HD ) or ( black HD ) how good it will be wink.gif
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I am saying Ultra sanding is not a big deal - since the roller method is involved ...
I will try to smooth out as much as i can.

i like that smile.gif
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Before any of you pass final judgement on this paint, read my post completely. " I did not calibrate it or change any video settings" is a very telling statement. The projector is in "Eco" mode (lower lamp output) and the all of the adjustments are factory settings". Any of you with projectors know that factory settings are not optimized out of the box. I am going to calibrate the projector and try some more screen shots. I will post those as well. As I said in my first post, the piece of insulation board with the paint looked good when I pulled the window covering back and opened the blinds. The black out cloth screen that looks good in the dark was washed out but the painted sample looked good. That test was done with a projector that had been calibrated to perform as well as possible with the black out cloth screen. Also, I am using fabric rollers (because I have a ton of them), but I am going to do a sample with a foam roller as well. I have spoken to a couple of people who have painted their screens and are very happy. I looked up these people myself and contacted them without the knowledge of the company. I wanted an unbiased opinion. The idea behind my posting here is not to belittle the product or hype it. It is simply to let you guys see my journey through the process. As to the cost of the product and the shipping charges, those are purely subjective things. Whether it is me posting or someone else, if you see that the product works for you in your situation, then you need to decide if the cost is justified. I will post more pics when I finish the next round of tests.
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