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I dont understand, how come best buy and other stores stop selling DLP's?

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mitsubishi hasn't stop making them, but it seems almost every one has stop selling them.....
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Because "flat" is more in than "big". A lot of people shop for aesthetic reasons. DLPs, no offense because I love them, just aren't really aesthetically pleasing...

You might be thinking, "Well, I'm a guy! I love BIG screens!" but your guy thinking is often overruled by the wife or girlfriend factor. They want the cute, sharp TV they can hang on the wall. The thinner, the better.

Sometimes, though, it's a matter of brightest, inaccurate, most colorful picture too.

DLP just can't win in this unfair match up, so they don't sell. Thus, the stores remove them from the floors.
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anyone else has anything too say?
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Big box electronics stores like Best Buy, just like other big box stores like Home Depot, operate on a business model of stocking only items with high turn over. The faster they can turn inventory, the lower the cost of carrying that inventory. That makes for lower prices for you, and higher profit for them. If you want something that is not as popular, you have to go elsewhere.
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I guess it just depends on the area you are in....

I am in the South San Francisco Bay Area and the two major consumer electronic chain stores in my area, Best Buy and Frys both frequently have DLP units in their sales floor. Best Buy's much less so then Frys, but out of the half dozen or so Best Buys within reasonable driving distance from me at least one of them will have a DLP on the floor, usually Magnolia stores. I actually auditioned an 73 incher at the Best Buys closest to my house before buying my 65 incher last year. Out of the 3 or so Frys stores within reasonable driving distance from me usually 2 of them will have DLP units on their floor, usually more then one size/model as well. At the closest Frys location to me is where I first saw the Mits 92 incher w/ clear contrast screen and it was awesome. Also another Frys usually has an 82 incher set up in their movie theater/demo room. Though I have never seen a laservue set at either store though.

Both chains will order which ever current DLP size/ model you wish and deliver it to your home too.
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i would not trade in my 67A750 for any LED or PLASMA it puts out that good of a picture i had it calibrated
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DLPs got their butt kicked once flat panels came down in price. I was working for BB in the plasma/DLP/rear projection years and once plasma TVs began to drop in price, people were buying them more and more and then LCD flat panels came on the market as a cheaper alternative to plasma and they sneaked up behind DLP and shanked it, making them completely unprofitable and they were almost entirely removed from stores after that with the exception of Magnolia and designated home theater speciality stores.
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And lack of demand. Why take up display and warehouse space for a product that only a fraction of the market is looking for?
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I'm in the market for a new TV. I'm wrestling between the Sharp LED and the Mitsubishi DLP.

I knew that HHGregg had the Mitsubishi......

I stopped by today to see if I could see the two and help with the decision.

Well, they no longer have the Mitsubishi on the showroom floor.....

It's still on the website (for nw)....
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The 80-inch 240hz Sharp LED is definitely worth considering if you can get your hands on it and afford the price.
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