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58 Inch Vizio Set Arrived

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I just picked up the set from them and I really like it a lot.

It dose have some clouding ect but the price of 1900.00 for a set that I can set up and watch whenever for 2.35 stuff is great.

I have watched 4 Movies on it in the 2.35 Aspect and its just fantastic.

I really think im gonna switch my screen Downstairs with my JVC projectoe and grap a Lens smile.gif

Anyone on the fence who wants to pick one up Do it there really cool and the picture is dam good !!...

Tj8xp.....................smile.gif photo.JPG 583k .JPG file
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Originally Posted by Tj8xp View Post

It dose have some clouding ect

Can you better explain "clouding" please?

Your images looks good. At first I thought it was a projection system.
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When I say some clouding I mean on a black screen you see the some light bleed due to the edge lit panel. Hope I explained it right smile.gif
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Any idea if it supports 2560X1080 input from a PC?

Might need to use HDMI straight from a recent graphics board if it does - as far as I know DVI to HDMI adapters don't support carrying a dual link signal and I think that 2560X1080 would require dual link.
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This set is the main feature of the latest Home Theatre magazine that came out today. I will read the electronic version with Zinio tonight. Have noticed that Vizio has this set on special for 1500 USD on their site. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not available for sale here in Canada. mad.gif
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I had my set now for a little while its a fantastic Tv.

I developed two Dead pixels and Vizio is sending a replacement so I am more then happy.

I did try to display a 2560X1080 but could not get it to lock.

I will try more once I get the replacement from them.
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It's my understanding that the set does not support 2560 x 1080.
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true enuf at 1529.00 delivered it hit my sweetspot for this niche tv,will compare to vzio's 42" and 55" m3dsr models after arrival,at this price i am less concerned about +/- and am buying in the hope vizio will procede with the larger 71" 240Hz version
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set arrived,set up easy , am very please with this niche display,vizo 3d cinemawide on one wall,pioneer elite fd150 on the other
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My new set arrived and its fantastic much better then the first one much better blacks no banding ect.

I really hope they or someone else comes out with a bigger set 70 + inches 21.9....smile.gif
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Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Cinemawide set.

I currently own a 16:9 set and to fell the screen from 2.35/2.40 DVDs and Blu Rays I’ve been using the LG BD690 Blu Ray player’s zoom function that works pretty well-it doesn’t over magnify the image to the point that I’m missing the top and bottom of the picture like some other players.

I would think that this method would work with the Cinemawide set.

Has any owner of the Cinemawide found that to be the case?

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by banding and clouding do you mean this?
Lights on
Lights off

Either way I dont think this is normal but just looking for confirmation:rolleyes:
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Saw this at Costco yesterday. Price is now $999.00. Tempting.
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Drastik651 - My TV has this exact same issue...it is the only thing preventing me from being very happy with it. Any change with yours?
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I wish my local Costco would carry this so I could take a look. Where are you guys finding it?
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