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Panasonic HDC-HS700 and VW-VBG6 Batteries and Charger to fit

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Wanting some help from those that have purchased VW-VBG6 Battiers from ebay and can offer assistance as to what sellers stock VBG6 batteries that work with the HS700. I have the VW-VH04-K Battery Pack Holder Kit so will be looking to get at least a couple of the VBG6 batteries. Here in OZ they're labelled as Panasonic VW-VBG6E, which is a genuine version costing AUD$339....steep!!!!

I've been looking on ebay but as usual there's so many to pick from but which ones work, is the key question.

I have noticed that and I think that the original is a 7.2v 5800mah, I may be wrong and some on ebay are 7.4v and I read on here that 7.4v batteries didn't work or charge so I'm assuming to keep with 7.2v batteries.

I'm also after a charger for the VBG6, preferably work a car charger and one that you can plug into the wall. I'm from OZ do I'll be looking for an AUS compatible power cable. There's sellers say they sell charger for the VBG6 but when you look at them closely, they only fit the 130 and 260 batteries, very misleading.

I think half the sellers don't know what they're actually selling.

Thanks and cheers for your help in advance smile.gif

P.S Also, my 260 battery is falling apart so any reputable sellers for these batteries as well would be appreciated. Thanks

I have found the following so far:

http://www.dc-battery.com.au/HDC-HS700.html - This one is about AUD$52 plus shipping


The second one seems to be ok, same voltage.
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I purchased 2 of the VBG6 batteries from the ebay seller you provided as the second link.


Took about 5 weeks 2 receive the batteries but can confirm that they do work in my Panasonic HDC-HS700 vide camera. They also charge using the provided video camera charger and also work my older charger which is identical to my newer one.

After charging them overnight, they both clocked in at 6 hours battery capacity. For $40 including delivery for both batteries, I can't complain for the price.


P.S I forgot to mention that you need the Panasonic VW-VH04-K Battery Pack Holder Kit for these batteries as they are large and will not fit onto the camera.
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