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Harmony & WD Live Hub

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hey guys, in the Logitech Computer Software, how do i program the Harmony Remote to control the western digital live hub? i mean what category is it under? media center pc? and what do i type in "wd live hub" ?
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I don't have the media HUB, just the WD TV Streaming. I believe you are correct on the Media player section. It has been so long since I have programed it....

One thing BEFORE you start programing, do the firmware update for the remote. When I got my Harmony 1100... I wrestled with it for a bit, then figured out my firmware was over a year old.... BIG difference.

Also, if you have a smartphone, the WD app is pretty cool, and free.
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Media Center PC is where I found mine after a little looking.
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and what did you Name the Activity? "Watch WDTV" ?
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