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Hi there, let's start off by saying I'm a car audio guy. This will be my first setup in my house, and just for audio, it's not a home theater; just for listening to music. I'll be putting it in my room which is quite small, and I think I have everything I need but I would love for someone to reassure me. I'll be running:

Orion Sub (200RMS @ 4Ohms)

Hiftonics 2-channel Amp (250RMS x2 @ 4Ohms)

Two Polk Bookshelf Speakers (200W Max)

These things I'm sure of, and don't really need any guidance on. What I'll really be needing help on is powering my amplifier with something other than a car battery. Now I looked this up on YouTube, and couldn't find anything helpful. The furthest I got to figuring it out, is that "Your PSU should give within 5-10 Amps of your amplifier." Now here are the links to both the amp and PSU I'm looking at, but I don't see anywhere that explains the Amp power.

Amplifier -

Power Supply Unit -

I'm pretty sure I can get the wiring correct, just please give me a few insightful words as to what I need to complete this setup. I know all the wires/RCAs I need, but I just need to know whether the PSU will sufficiently power my amp.

Thanks very much!