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Need Advice on Salk Speakers

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I purchased a pair of used Salk HT1-TLs in perfect shape to replace an old pair of POLK SDAs. I am driving them with an Emotiva XPA5 and use a Anthem MRX 700 as a pre-amp.

My issue is this - the Salks sound terrible - tinny, thin, like bose acoustimas speakers . The Polks sound way better in bass, treble and mid-range. Even the clarity on the Polks sound better. So obviously I have screwed something up in my set up because this is not the way it's supposed to be.

Additional inforation - I haven't run ARC on my Anthem and it was not run on the Polks. I purchased Salk Song Surrounds to arrive tom. and use in a 5.1 HT set up and plan to run ARC thurs or fri. Also plan tto get on the phone with Anthem Folks.

For Sources

I use an HTPC (Dell 8300) - for both TV and music connected to a Samsung 55" plasma.

The TV is a Ceton PCI 4 tuner card connected w/HDMI, music is off a 6TB RAID connected thru USB, even the HD Tuner on Anthem sounds like crap.

I currently do not have a DAC but purchased a HTR Streamer II as that is a pretty obvious issue. Wiring is all Blue Jeans Cable.

I have been up/down and sideways through the Anthem (outside of ARC) because that is where I would think the issue is. I know I have source issues, hopefully the DAC can correct.

Any Ideas?
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Idea 1, post this in the Salk thread.
Idea 2, run ARC just to see what the measurements look like.
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Yes, definately post this in the Salk thread.
Don't hesistate to contact Jim Salk. His customer service is second to none (doesn't matter if you bought directly from him or used from someone else).
Make sure the Salks are wired in phase.
Make sure your bass management settings are correct.
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