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Seeking upgrade advice - quiet, bright, 1080p??

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Hi Everyone,

I know that recommendation threads can get old but they can be extremely helpful so I am asking for help!

My situation is as follows:

I currently have an epson powerlite 720 (relavent to my question this is listed as 1600 lumen, 33db in normal operation). My theater is in a multi-purpose room. As such, my wife has creative control over the room. The walls are white and I project onto a bare wall - no screen. Most of my watching happens in the evenings. The room gets pretty dark (one small window on a side wall that blacks out well), but obviously light from the projector bounces around all those white surfaces.

Despite these limitations, I have been happy with the powerlite 720. I mostly watch in its brightest mode. Black levels are not great, but it works well enough and doesn't really hinder my enjoyment. My biggest gripe about the projector is the audible noise. The projector is ceiling mounted and I normally sit under it. I can also hear the dynamic iris which is a bit distracting.

So, I am considering moving up to 1080p. I do not care at all about 3D. If possible, I would love to find a quieter projector. Any recommendations??

Panasonic AR100u is all the rage right now. Clearly it has the brightness to handle my environment, but projectorreviews describes it as "noisy" and the eco-mode rating is 29db (my older epson is rated at 26db in eco).

Epson 8500ub refurbs are available from epson store for a low price right now. It has the same 1600 lumen rating as my current projector and is listed as quieter (28/22db on projector central). The newer epson 5010 is much more expensive, has 3d that I won't use, and is spec'd louder so that is not so appealing.

I've heard rumors about JVC 250 refurbs. Those seem to be very quiet, but I am concerned that they would not be bright enough to handle my needs. Thoughts on this? Anyone use these in a room that is not a cave?

Any others that I am not considering? Budget is flexible, but I'd like to keep it under $2000 and lower is probably better.
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JVC Hd-250 with Da-Lite High Power screen and a drop-pole mount, or the Epson 8500/8700ub refurb with Da-Lite High Power screen + drop pole mount.
You can most likely get 1.6 to 1.8 CLEAN gain or more with no visible side effects (no hot spotting, etc..) other than viewable area (which only matters if a lot of people will be watching in room at once, if only 2 people it works great).

The JVC is quieter than the Epsons, and IMHO the JVC has the better overall image, but the Epson is pretty decent.
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I wonder if a "sound conditioner" would work for you. I have 2 of them and I have other "sounds" I use on my logic booms that mask sound problems. Works for me.
I'm not sure I would focus exclusively on "super quiet" PJ, but it sounds like the PJ sound is distracting you or disturbing you. I offer this only as a suggestion.
Now if my home is so quiet, then any sound can bother me, these sound conditioners are also used in offices and businesses too. Yeah, some people use them to go to sleep, so a barking dog , or other sounds don't disturb people.
Here is link to the one I use.
Some people use the sound coming from air conditioner or small room fan too.

This way you can get any PJ for the PQ and other reasons. smile.gif
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Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I hate white noise. My wife would love to sleep with one of those sound conditioners, but I cannot stand them.

Coderguy, thank you for the input. I think that the screen is going to be a very hard sell with the boss (aka wife). Does the JVC have the power to work without the screen gain? From the specs, it seemed like it might not have the lumens for it in my white room.

I was thinking that the w6000 might be another option if it was available. It apparently does not loose that much light output in eco mode (which is rated to be very quiet). Unfortunately , these seem not to be available anywhere. The w7000 means paying for 3d that I won't use and reviews seem less favorable.

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How big is your screen going to be?
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Screen size is 120" diagonal. I sit about 15' from the screen.
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You do not want 3D correct?
JVC HD 250 (if mainly watching in dark), Epson 8700ub (if mixed watching), or even an Optoma hd8200 refurb (if mixed content) is probably what I'd buy.

The JVC is the winner for movies and overall PQ out of these, but I think the Optoma hd8200 would be my second choice over the Epson (simply becuase I like DLP better than LCD), but the Epson is a decent choice. You could also look at the Optoma hd33, but the blacks are not as good.
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Coderguy: Have you seen an Optoma HD8200 in action? Would be interested in your thoughts if so.
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