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Denon AVR-2312 and Infinity Overture 2 - sub is too boomy

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HI all,

I have a set of Infinity Overture 2 (they have 150w amp & sub integrated), along with a center Polk (CS150) and NO sub, and NO satellites. Less that optimal, I know (I am looking at getting some primus all around) wink.gif

Anyways, I have gone thru the Audissey EX Setup on my Denon AVR-2312, and it detects my Overtures as Large and my Polk center as Small, with a crossover of 40Hz (or sometimes 60Hz if I turn the subwoofer level to 1 on the Overture).

Here's my problem:

- Some Blu-rays are OK (like Stevie wonder), but other have a bad "resonnance / boom" which ruin the sound (like the Blu-ray of Phil Collins). I had to turn down the sub control all the way down to 1 (it goes from 1 to 9). Turning the sub to 1 makes the sound a bit "dry" of course and would love to get the warmth of the sub with the boominess.


- Is there anything special that I can do to make the sound be "warm" and not boomy? Is that an Audissey EX setting?
- Should I also wire my sub output(s) on the Denon to the Overture(s), in order to make it looks like I have two subs to the receiver?

Thanks a lot for any help and / or any wild idea!
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hi - you should head over to the Denon xx12 model owner's thread as this isn't really a speaker forum question: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1334369/the-official-denon-avr-xx12-model-owners-thread

do your speakers even have a sub input (RCA style plug, not speaker wire)? If not, you CAN'T wire them up to the sub output on the Denon.

if you don't have a sub, the front speakers HAVE to be "large" because there is no sub to cross over to (the small/large setting is really just the on/off switch for bass management). You should bump up the center channel crossover to 60 or 80Hz (so all the bass goes to the powered subs in the towers).

second, you should NOT fiddle with the knobs on the subs after running Audyssey (btw it's MultEQ XT, there is no "EX" in Audyssey wink.gif) ... once the speakers are calibrated you should make adjustments in the receiver as needed.

There is a good chance the reason you are hearing boominess is a combination of Dynamic EQ (which boosts bass levels) and the sub volume being a bit "hot".

I would do the following:

1. first, find a good setting for the sub volume knobs that will be your baseline pre-Audyssey. Play some bass heavy music in DIRECT mode (which will bypass digital processing) and dial in the sub knobs to a point where they provide smooth response. Don't run them "hot" because Audyssey will just EQ them down to flat (that's why it is trying to do). Make sure the music is loud enough that you can really feel the bass when you do this; the human perception of bass drops a lot at lower volumes (which is why Dyn EQ exists).

2. after you get it dialed in, re-run Audyssey using good procedure (check out my Audyssey FAQ and read through it and the associated links here: http://batpigworld.com/wp/?page_id=37 )

3. after running Audyssey, change the center speaker crossover as noted above

4. finally, try listening to some of your reference material, but this time adjust the bass by going into the GUI and in the Audio Adjust area in Audyssey Settings set the Dynamic EQ Reference Level Offset to either 5, 10, or 15.... the higher numbers will diminish the impact of Dynamic EQ.
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There is indeed no sub plug on my Overture wink.gif

I will definitely try what you suggest (especially bumping up the crossover to 80hz for the center). I did not try that.

Thanx a bunch - that really helps !!
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