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My first Cd player was a Sony CDP-CX151 100 disc cd player that I won from at my job at Tweeter Etc and my First CD that I bought was The best of John Coltrane and Something Else by Cannonball Adderley. After that it was a Denon DCM460 5 disc cd player and after that it was a Proceed CDP. I still have all three cd players and all of them work perfectly. biggrin.gif
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I had the 2nd model CDP-102 found a link to one here http://www.thevintageknob.org/sony-CDP-102.html I had to drill a hole and install a drawer knob on the tray though because the slide rails on the tray would always keep gumming up with dust and I could pull it open with the knob. There's a 101 model for sale on Ebay right now.
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My first player was a SONY CDP-101. Loved it. Paid $630.00. My first CD was Police Ghost in the Machine and Pink Floyd's With you were here. Both cost $22.00 ea.

It was the best having the latest in audio technology and man it sounded awesome!!
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My first CD player was a Samsung way back in 1988. The model number escapes me now, could have been a CD-17P or something. It was good for the first six months and then started skipping like crazy and even damaged a few of my discs. Within a year of getting that Samsung, I had replaced it with a Pioneer which was much better. For a long time after that, I was sworn off of Samsung products.

My very first CD was the Top Gun soundtrack!
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My first CD player was a Sony. Bought it in the fall of '83. Back then, CDs came out later than cassettes or vinyl, so I have a lot of music from that time period in multiple formats. My first two CDs were John Fogerty - Centerfield and Scorpions - Love at First Sting. Still play both occasionally, but sold the player long time ago, when I upgraded to a changer. Still listen to CDs at home, but use an iPod in the car.

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My first CD player was in my car. It was the first double din aftermarket format and had tape and CD and not to forget the cool karoke button that dropped the vocals out of CD's so you could sing along in your car.
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I got my first CD Player in 1989. It was actually a LaserDisc/CompactDisc player. I don’t know what was my first CD purchase (Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd?) because my primary reasons for the purchase were:

1) Rent movies on LD, get better quality than VHS/Beta and save my VCR heads.

2) Archive rented LD concerts to my SuperBeta Hi Fi and later my S-VHS Hi Fi.

3) Archive rented CD albums to my Cassette Deck for home / car listening.

Although this was an entry-level Yamaha it still was a Yamaha and better quality than many higher-end models from lower end manufactures. That Yamaha lasted until 2003 or so.

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I still have my first portable CD player:) My Mom was a manger at Radio Shack. When she got here first store, I was helping her clean up the back room and I found this behind some boxes:) New price was $279.95 and it was on clearance for $52.50:)!!!! It is a Realistic CD-3100. Manufactured May 1987.

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