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AV Receiver sound processing Question.

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I can't decide between just using a 5.1 setup for my house or going 6.1 or 7.1 since plenty of BD movies support both. Can an AVR upmix audio that is 6.1 to sound proper on a 7.1 receiver and 7.1 to sound proper on a 6.1 set up. Also any recommendations for good AVR that is under 500 USD. I'm looking for something supports HDMI 1.4, BD audio tracks, 5.1/ 6.1/ 7.1, video upscaling (in regards to order video game consoles such as xbox, ps2, gamecube, and n64), and plenty of inputs for said consoles (ie composite and component).
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A 7.1 or 7.2 avr should handel all the formats without any problem. Most of the new avr's have 7 channels.
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Very few movies are true 7.1 audio, although today's AVRs can generally downmix a 7.1/6.1 audio track to a 5.1 setup as well as simulate 7.1 from a 5.1/6.1 audio track. So whether you go 7.1 really depends on whether you have the space and which model you get depends on whether you want the extra 2 speakers to be rear surrounds, front height, or front wide. All 7.1 AVRs will have capability of adding rear surrounds, many will have the capability to add DD PLIIz (front height), but fewer will have the capabilty to add either front wide or height (Audyssey DSX). So first decide whether a 5.1 model will suit you or if you want a 7.1 model. In the Denon line you can review the first few posts in each of the Denon AVR-XX12 (last year's models) and AVR-XX13 (this year's models) threads linked in my sig.
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Sounds like you're on the right track.

The trick is getting video upscaling from composite to HDMI at this pricepoint.

You might look at used "high end" models from a generation or two back....
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A few points:

1. If room size is limited, better to have a 5.1 well set-up than a 7.1 poorly done.

2. 6.1 is not recommended.

3. Game upscaling is going to be problematic even with ext. video processors, there is some discussion in the vp forum about games. Keep your expectations well on the ground.

4. Legacy inputs are getting rare in lower models.
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