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Need help picking subwoofer

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I am putting together a budget 5.1 home theater system and need help picking a subwoofer. My budget is $200. The dimensions of my room are 18 x 10.5 x 6.5 and that works out to exactly 1,228.5 cu.ft. The sub will be used primarily for watching movies. I don't usually turn the volume up very loud so I don't need the sub to shake the house but am looking for a moderate bass output for my room. I plan on pairing the sub with the Pioneer budget bookshelf speakers designed by Andrew Jones and already have a Sony STR-DE845 receiver that has an LFE input.

The following are the subs that I am considering and are all in my price range:

-BIC F12
-BIC V1020
-Energy S10.3 (If I can find it for around $200)
-Energy EW100
-Polk Audio PSW505
-Polk Audio PSW111
-Velodyne VX-11

Initially I was going to get the BIC F12 but am concerned it might be too big for my room. There are really only two spots I can place the subwoofer in my rooom. In the corner right next to the TV and on the other side of the TV a few feet from the wall (that position would mean the sub would be 1-2 ft from my seat). I have read that the F12 can get boomy and with the two positions I have available to place the sub it might get too boomy. Ideally I would like place my sub in the corner because it works best with the space constraints of my room even if the corner placement of the sub will make it sound more boomy.

Do you guys think the BIC F!2 will be too big for my room? If so, what other subs would you recommend, either from or not from my list?
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Why not look into the polk psw125 and 110.
Theyre great for the price range and really pack a punch.
Or you could maybe look into the sunfire sds series. i know the sds 10 and 12 are certainly great.
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I would consider the PSW110 but the PSW125 and Sunfire subwoofers are too expensive for my budget.
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At $200, the S10.3 is a great subwoofer value.
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