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Got a LG 50PA550T (I think its 50PA5500 i US but Im not shore, some plz tell me) in exchange for my LG 50PS2000 that broke (We got a really sweet deal by law in Sweden so you can return a malfunctioning product up to 3 years after you bought it). So the 50PA550T was sent to me as a replacement TV.
First the sound is worse for shore. Second I belive that ABL (Automatic Brightness Limiter) is much more aggressive in this model because I didnĀ“t notice it in the old one, Turns the white blueish when in fullscreen.. It got fever connections and I belive the picture to be worse than my old plasma, just try surfing on it as we speak though. Input lag 50PA550T 63 ms, old TV 23 ms

Is this a god replacement TV ore IOW is it as good ore better than my old one?
Is the ABL more agressive on never plasmas?
Can you really replace a old 1000 $ TV with an 400 $ just after 2 years? I now that technoligy is getting cheaper and cheaper but this fast? Bought this TV when it had been out for almost a year so I didnt pay no overprize.

Im not interested in tuners and such, I only use it as a media center and for couch-surfing

How can a new TV be worse then the old ore am I missing something here?