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Problem with Avengers 2D blu ray

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Anyone else having a problem playing the Avengers blu ray, 2D? I have the samsung blu ray home theater (HT-C5500)... everything works fine, but when the disc gets to scene 13 it freezes. I thought it was a disc problem so I exchanged it for a new one... with the new disc, same thing happened at the exact same spot in the film. Any ideas?
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Just watched the blu ray a couple of nights ago with no issues, though I have a Sony 570 player. Does your Samsung accept firmware updates?
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It does and it is up to date.

The weird thing is it plays, it just freezes at the same exact spot in the movie.
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Same problem here, but it seems to happen only with Avengers and MI4 BRs..... has anybody an idea of what is this???
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I've got PioneerBDP-51FD and Panasonic BD-35 blu ray players with the latest firmware updates on each. played Avengers in both with no problems.

May have something to do with Samsung BD players.
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hi all,

i got The Avengers 2D Bluray/DVD Combo and when playing the movie using the English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 format, the rear speaker has no sound at all. i then borrowed another disk from my friend and same thing. however if played using the French: DTS-HD HR 7.1 or English Dolby Digital 5.1, there is sound coming from the rear speakers.

using a Oppo BDP-83 player and it's internal decoding processor via the 5.1 analog rca outputs to dedicated amps.

i'm not sure why this is so and appreciate some advice.

tks & rgds,

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I have been having a problem with avengers freezing on me with cyberlink powerdvd10. I have the latest updates. Drivers and all.
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