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Left, Right & Sub for $600

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As it says in the title, I'm seeking recommendations for a left, right and subwoofer for $600 or less. I've got an Onkyo TX-NR414 and the room is about 21' x 18'. The setup will have the TV on a short wall with a couch about 10' away.

I'd like to start with the LR and add a center and surround when the budget allows. The usage is probably 70/30 ht/music. $600 is really the absolute max I'd like to spend to get the LR and sub in my house.

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I'd check out the budget subwoofer thread in the subwoofers forum for ideas on a decent budget subwoofer. The Energy S10.3 is one possible option. Newegg has the KEF iQ70s on sale for $400 for the pair. These towers are a steal at this price. If I were you I would spend that entire $600 on the best pair of front speakers you can get however.
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Energy s10.3 is sold out on Newegg right now. BIC F12 is a good entry level sub for $200 (check Amazon).

iQ70s are an excellent deal, only you may have problems buying the matching center later on. The series was discontinued, and the center is getting more and more difficult to find.
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Thanks for the feedback.

I don't think the iQ70s are on sale anymore because I'm seeing them for $600 each. Also, I'd really like to get a matching center but that might not happen for 6 - 12 months.

I found the $300 subwoofer thread after I posted this. The BIC F12 looks pretty nice for $200 I can also get the Energy S10.3 from a dealer on Amazon for $270 shipped. Is the S10.3 worth the price difference? Any opinions on the Polk Audio PSW505 for $250?

Going with the F12 leaves me with $400 for the LR. Any suggestions at that price point?

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Yep. Looks like they are no longer on sale.

The black Polk Monitor70s are $199 ea at Newegg. The Polk RTi8s are about the same shipped from Frys.

If the PSW505 or S10.3 were close in price to the BIC F12, then going with one of them could be a good choice. But given your budget and the difference in price, better to put it toward the speakers.
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You can get the Infinity P363 towers for $199 ea and the Bic F12 subwoofer for the same price. Then you can add the PC351 center whenever you get the chance.

Or the Polk Monitor 70 for $199 and add the CS2 center when you get the chance

If you want a horn tweeter the Bic FT6T towers are at a very good price, $153 each

The center is only $110

And Bic F12 sub is $200
All that for $617 and you'd have your center speaker now. If you can squeeze the extra $17 out your budget that might be the way to go!

Another Bic option are the DV64 towers and DV62CLR center, $124 each and $100 for the center.

HTD has some towers that might interest you. $399/pr
The matching center is only $129 which you can get later.

If you don't want tower speakers then consider the Energy RC LCR which is on sale for $199 each. Then add a 3rd one when you get the chance.
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I just picked up a pair of the Infinity p363's from Fry's for $200 & a Klipsch RW12D from newegg for $300. I cant imagine anything beating this $500 setup. I am beyond satisfied & even my wife cant believe how good it sounds. Now I'm just waiting for a good deal on the pc351.
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To throw another speaker choice into the mix check out the Pioneer SP-FS52.
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Originally Posted by neverfinished94 View Post

I just picked up a pair of the Infinity p363's from Fry's for $200 & a Klipsch RW12D from newegg for $300. I cant imagine anything beating this $500 setup. I am beyond satisfied & even my wife cant believe how good it sounds. Now I'm just waiting for a good deal on the pc351.

A good deal on the PC351 is $179.

I don't think Fry's carries that center so it's about as good as you'll get.

you can get the older PC350 for $129 if the silver baffle doesn't bother you.
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Thanks for all the replies. I guess I need to get out and listen to some of these options.

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