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Matte-Finish LCD's

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I'm looking for a 60" TV to put in our family room. Trouble is, the TV is positioned opposite a wall that's essentially a huge window. Through the window is mostly trees, which helps with the reflection (as opposed to, say, sky) but still, it kind of sucks. I moved my Samsung UN32ES6500 temporarily into that spot, which is semi-glossy, and you can definitely see the windows in the black regions of the screen. (What's the point of super-deep blacks if all you see is window reflection?) It's not terrible, but it can be a bit distracting sometimes. And I would go so far as to say that at certain times of day and certain angles, the glare is the dominant facet of the image quality.

For now, I've ordered a Sharp LC-60LE845U. (This is a Best Buy only model that is probably similar to both the 745 and 847.) It's very matte. Reviews on this TV seem somewhat mixed though. So the question is: Are there any other matte finish TV's that I should consider?

One other option I'm considering is the Elite Pro 60". Reviews seem great, but the TV does seem pretty highly reflective.

Some other considerations for us:

* Most of our TV watching in this room will take place at night, when glare is less of an issue. But lights will almost always be on, and even the 6500 still reflects window frames, blinds, etc., even when it's dark outside.

* The exception to this rule is Sunday football, which is hugely important.

* We have a dedicated theater room in the basement that -- though not yet set up -- will probably be the go-to place for any serious movie watching. In light of this, I'm somewhat more inclined toward the more functional 845 than the videophile Elite for the family room.

Thanks for your help and advice.
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I have a glossy TV and I have the same problems as you. There is a wall of windows next to the TV, and the wall opposite the TV has lights on it. I ended up mounting the TV a couple of feet higher than eye level, then angling it down using a tilting mount. It really helps. Just something to keep in mind if you're forced to use a glossy TV.
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Vizio has a new 60" with a matte screen and got a great review at home theater review dot com. The model is E601i-A3, and is available "now" or supposedly soon, not sure.
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Yes, the model is available, but is selling out pretty quick, so you may not necessarily get it right away. It was supposed to be shipping this past Monday from Sam's Club. I ordered mine yesterday and it has a huge delivery window of 10 days, so I'm guessing they're shipping them out as soon as they come in. Their website lists it as "Limited Stock."
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