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Outlaw Audio OSB-1 soundbar

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There is been some discussion about Outlaw's new soundbar (the OSB-1) in their company-hosted forum for several weeks, but it actually went on sale today (shipping in a week or so). This is a powered unit designed using Atlantic Technology's H-PAS algorithms, so it achieves a -3dB point of around 47Hz. I had a chance to listen to Atlantic's AT-1 (the tower speaker that was designed using H-PAS) a couple years ago, and I was quite impressed.

The soundbar is selling for $799. What may be useful for folks is the "intro" write-up that Outlaw sent out today. It helps explain a bit about the soundbar's design, particularly the practical repercussions of that low -3dB point. They posted the explanation here.
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Is the Outlaw exactly the same as the new Atlantic Technology soundbar (other than branding)?
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Yes. Exactly
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Also it appears that the Outlaw warranty is 3 years vs 90 days on the the AT(?)

Is that correct as well?

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AT has a 5 year warranty on their speakers if you register them and bought them from an authorized dealer.
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Isdo you know if there is a reason they say 90 days on the website?

Getting the soundbar next week (from an authorized dealer) and will provide an aseessment
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Use this link under register your warranty and click "View Limited Warranty". A Pop up will appear with the extended service agreement.

I know AT wouldn't give you a problem as long as you bought from one of their authorized dealers and still had the receipt. The 90 days is from unauthorized dealers, I believe by law they only have to give 30 days.
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Thanks for the link

Upon opening the link I believe the extended warranty will be one year as this is a powered speaker (5 years for active speakers)
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The manual says 5 years but it might be worth giving AT a call to check.
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I could be wrong but I thought powered speakers and active speakers were the same thing.
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Originally Posted by flickhtguru View Post

I could be wrong but I thought powered speakers and active speakers were the same thing.

They are. I think the post above meant to say "5 years for passive speakers" as that is how the warranty reads in the AT manual.
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Thta is correct

My mistake as I meant one year for powered speakers and 5 years for passive speakers as per the manual

AV guy is installing the AT tomorrow
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Let us know how you like it. I have one coming but probably won't get much of a chance to play with it for a few weeks.
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