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I recently bought my second 3D TV so I feel motivated to try to find a better way to play my 3D files.

What I really want is some software that will play either full 3D ISOs or Full SBS files in a nice ten foot (aka can be controlled completely by a remote) interface.

At minimum the software needs to allow me to pick which movie I want out of a list and play them on demand via a remote (and NEVER need a mouse or a keyboard). All of the files are stored on large Unraid servers on my network. I will never ever ever play movies off of a disk.

Bonus points if I don't have to use some script to mount the ISO first. Super bonus points if it will automatically switch my TV to its 3D mode.

Right now I am just loading half-SBS files in XBMC and manually switching the TV to 3D mode. This was fine back in 2010, but two years later I am hoping for better. At this point I am willing to make a second 3D only HTPC to do the job so it doesn't need to work with other software (like XBMC).

I just need the software to load the movies via a remote with an interface that has some sort of bare-minimum WAF (so its doesn't have to be pretty like XBMC).

Thanks in advance.