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What happened to wireless HD?

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Did it not work? did HDMI companies get mad?

Saw the LG wirelessHD kit on amazon for $10(down from $400). And for half a second I got excited, until I saw that it was only compatible with TVs from 2010. Did LG ditch the feature on later tvs. If so will it come back?
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Wireless HD? I can stream HD thru my AppleTV2 and my Panasonic blu-ray player. I think the LG kit was for 2010 LGs (like mine) that weren't "smart" tvs. Basically a STB like the AppleTV2.
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it didn't work...

a few companies are trying to make it work...

will it work "someday"? maybe/likely. it's a challenge to move that amount of data wirelessly under anything but complete optimal conditions, and those "optimal conditions" make it almost pointless...
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Wireless HD works perfectly fine. There are some devices out there that move the HD picture/audio wirelessly. I know a couple of people that use it to send an HD signal out to their TVs on their Patio. It works great for them. Although I'm not sure what the device they got is called, but they picked it up from BestBuy.

EDIT: I think the device they have is called MyWirelessTV. Which is a wireless HDMI transmitter. It handles 1080P60 and 3D. It's supposedly rated for up to 150 feet although the people I know that are using it are nowhere near that distance,. But they have had excellent results with it.
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There appear to be a number of approaches to wireless HD.

Some HDMI extenders use wireless with compression and semi-traditional WiFi techniques, some use compression and proprietary systems in the 2.4 or 5GHz bands also used for Wifi, and others use no compression but much higher frequencies (I think some are in the 60GHz region) The performance and picture quality of the compressed systems varies - and some don't cope with all flavours of HDMI audio, 3D etc.

Then there is the more IP based streaming video over wifi using 1080p H264 at decent bitrates - but if you use standard WiFi techniques, even 11n, you can struggle. Of course you can use Apple TV2s with 720p stuff - but the standard ATV2 iTunes stuff, although described as "HD", is not great quality (low bitrate and low H264 profile)
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