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Halp!! Not sure what would be the best section to post this in but hopefully someone can give me some ideas.

Anyone have any options to add Bluetooth to the Klipsch iFi? I've tried the following eBay 30pin iPod BT adapters:

The first two wouldn't even show power via the flashing LED. The 3rd one connected, showed power and then even paired successfully. However, the audio wasn't the best and the skip forward/backward buttons and the play/pause would not control the BT device which in this case was my HTC Evo LTE. I use several other BT devices and they will control the tracks and play/pause just fine so it's the firmware of this adapter that's not allowing for full control. Another oddity is that when the Klipsch iFi is powered off the BT adapter remains powered on.

To be fair, I started at the bottom of the list based on price and have been working my way up. Ideally someone would know if a BT dongle that works for these puppies so I can use our phones for music duty in your master bathroom. We wired for this Kilpsh iFi even though I've never been a big fan of Apple/iPod and have just had iPods in there that we left in the dock for music. Well, fast forward many years later and our 2gb Nano just isn't cutting it anymore. The options are to spend money on another larger capacity iPod and be a slave to this one device or use this opportunity to get a more universal solution moving forward. I would rather not pay money for yet another Apple product even if it is used because it make no sense. If I can't find an adapter I will likely try to source an entirely different unit that isn't made specifically for iPods.

Anyone have any ideas here?

Thanks for the help!