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Hello. I know this question does not pertain to the HC8000 but I couldn't find the thread for the HC6800. If you can direct me to that thread or give me some advice I'd appreciate it. Here is my issue. I went to demo my theater to a friend tonight and couldn't get a picture. At first it said "no connection" and then the screen went pink. I started my trouble shooting and found that by switching to HDMI input 2 on the projector it works fine. Are there HDMI input issues with the HC6800? Thanks for the help. God Bless

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I thought this projector was meant for retailers and not online sales. However, I see it for sale on Amazon and eBay for under $2000! Would the warranty still be valid?
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I have both the Sharp 30000 and Mits 8000. The Sharp is a great 3D projector and has the advantage of a brighter image and easier setup. The Mits; however, has the best 2D to 3D conversion I have seen and I've seen a few -- extremely impressive. I have the Sharp on a 120" HP screen and the Mits on a 96" HP screen. These are amazing 3D projectors. I'll be watching my HD-DVD titles such as the *Chronicles of Riddick, Blade Runner and Dune on the Mits converted to 3D. *Just watched the Chronicles of Riddick converted to 3D and it was amazing -- this is a great 3D projector!
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I just bought the 8000 on the internet. I am going to be in a bat cave. The projector will be only 8' 10" from the screen so the maximum screen size will be 84" and we'll sit about 10' from the screen. What would be the best type of screen for my condition? I don't want to drop a ton on a screen, either.

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Anyone measured real input lag for HC8000?
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Originally Posted by Elix View Post

Anyone measured real input lag for HC8000?

The projectorreviews.com review measured the HC7900 at 34ms and said that the HC8000 appeared to be about the same. That is with FRC off, on I noticed considerable lag.
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