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Interesting, very interesting.
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Sounds great! Hope I get a chance to check it out.
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I can't wait to get this smile.gif
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Sounds good!
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Never heard of this, but after researching it a bit seems pretty neat if it works as is intended. Little pricey for buying to check it out. Would love to win one though.
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Awesome! Thanks for the great contest!
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I'll be glad to check one out!
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Posting for entry!
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What a great idea!
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Maybe this will fix the screen issues I'm having! one can always hope.... Thanks!
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I'm in.
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I never win anything, so it must be my turn....smile.gif
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Worth a shot to see how it is
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Please Sir, may I have some more Darbee Darblet?
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I've got no idea what it is, but I want it! lol
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Yes please, and thank you!
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I'm in!
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i would like one of these.
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Already bought one but I'd love a second one for my other set.
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Hope I win. Always wanted to try a Darbee Darblet !!!
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Me please...smile.gif
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Ok i'll play
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I'm in! Just send it my way and i will be very very happy smile.gif
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Not fond of FB apps. Curious about this product.
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Thanks for the contest and count me in biggrin.gif
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I'm ready for a doublet.
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This could be just what I need in my rig. Might even keep me from having to buy a new AVR!!

Thanks for the contest.
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Received the AVS Newsletter an hour ago and it said to post to this thread to be entered into a Darblet giveaway.

Sadly, it's been a rough couple of years (in the middle of 2nd layoff since the end of '09). So in order to avoid temptation, I try to stay away from the AVS forums! Thus, I hadn't even heard of the Darblet until the newsletter showed up in my inbox.

But since then I've been reading sporadic pages in the thread linked at the beginning of this thread and it sounds pretty great. So, if I can enter a giveaway to get a free Darblet, then I'm going to do it! Especially since my Toshiba DLP projector (MT500), though still working and looking good, is definitely getting up there in age and can use all the help it can get.

Thanks for the giveaway AVS!
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I've got one Darblet and would like another.
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