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I'm in!

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wooo me too
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Entering for my chance of winning. I have no clue what this device does, but I'm interested in figuring out how to integrate it into a commercial system and justify the pricetag.

Home Automation with AMD and Android, XBMC rocks.

Who Da-nvm
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Would work dang well with my new 65" plasma - with uncompressed feed from AT&T!!
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I have never heard of this device. Where have I been??
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Kickass... my wife would love the end result.. though I doubt she'd get the "technical" details of it.

Def needed here!
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Anything for a shaper enhanced video sceen. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
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Wow would love one of these but cant afford one hope its me thanks avs:)
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This is a very interesting development. Thanks for putting on the contest!
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Hmm interesting.
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This sounds like a phenomenal device, I'm eager to see how it works!
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I'm in too!
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Darbee Darblet should be a great device!
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This is cool, Thanks AVS for organizing this contest

I am in.

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With this device I could dominate the world.
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Great Contest! Would love to get my hands on one of these...
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If I win this it would be great to see an improvement in PQ.
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Yup, I'm another sucker that never wins! Good luck everyone.
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Never heard of this today, sounds pretty awesome.
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Yes, more please!
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Thank you for the great opportunity!
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Can't wait to try this puppy out.
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Just go ahead and ship it to me sinc I am going to win.
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I want...
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Good luck everyone!
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I'd love a darblet!

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Whoever wins will do a review right? Cheers and good luck!
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Somebody's gotta win, might as well be me!!!

Great website, avsforum.com, been a registered member here for a long time.

The absolute authority on Consumer Electronics!!!
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Me want
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