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WTH, I'm in!
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Don't know if I need this for my beautifully ChadB calibrated LH90...but I'll throw in, why not?!
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I'm loving these drawings!
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Wow, Great giveaway! Another example of why AVS is the best.
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oooo nice prize =)
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Pick Me .. Pick Me biggrin.gif
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Winner, Winner chicken dinner. biggrin.gif
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Winning would be nice.
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I'd love to win one so I could try it for myself and see if it lives up to all the hype.
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I'd be very interested to see if the darblet can have much of an effect with older sources like laserdisc. Count me in on the competition!

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I am just sitting around waiting for Publishers Clearing House to ring my doorbell so I will be here when I win the Darblet Enhancer. (Smile)cool.gif
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I like to see clear
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Can't wait to put this in my Man Cave.
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I just heard that I wanted one of these so I cam to check them out. Yup, I definitely want one!smile.gif
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Sign me up
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I would love to win - my set-up could certainly use it.
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I had not heard of these darbee darblets (I live a sheltered life down here at the bottom of the earth it seems) .... thanks for pointing them out. time to read some reviews.
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Add me to the list.
Would be nie to have one.
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Please enter me and thanks!
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Does it really make a difference? I have heard of this switch before but my receiver has an anchor bay processor so I don't know how much of an improved image would it display.
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Sounds like a nice little device. I'm in.
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Count me in!
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Thanks for the contest. Looking forward to the good news.

Add me !!!
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In for this! cool.gif
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Yeah baby!!
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Will go GREAT in my new home theater !
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Ooga Ogga
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