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I would love to win one of these and see it first hand! I feel lucky!
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Thanks for putting this together. Count me in!
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THis was the first time I heard of it, when I received the email from AVS forum.

Sounds like a very cool device,

If I don't win, I'll probably consider adding it anyway for effects.

I'm on a Sanyo PLV-Z4 (only 720p) with Onkyo TX-NR906 amp and lots of add ons including Escient system with 1200 dvds, custom Apple TV (1st Gen) with 1tb HD, HD antenna reciever and 7.1
Speakers are HSU, as is the subwoofer. Room is 13' x 15' with Berkline power recliners.

I set things up and kind of forgot about the home theater stuff after I finished the build. I guess I should be more on the ball.

I really don't want to change if I don't have to and I didn't like the idea of having to wear glasses for 3d. But adding this seems like a no brainer, unless I'm missing something.
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Great contest. Want a darbee
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I would not mind getting another one.
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YES Please!
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I'll take that!
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In it to win it. smile.gif
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Interesting that I was just reading about the Darbee in a BluRay Player forum. I want one.
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yes please!
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Here's hoping... smile.gif
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I never win anything..Please prove me wrong.
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Can't hurt to try!
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Worth a shot!
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Oh it's only for Canadians and Americans. What a surprise.
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I want one! smile.gif
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al's in also! Nice prize!
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I think this device may just extend my 5 year old 52" JVC DLP until I'm ready to replace it.
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i want one
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This is the first I heard of this device, hope I win one. Too expensive for me to purchase without trying one out first.
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Looks good.
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Would go nice with my new 55" LG 7600 series.
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Good luck everybody but i Hope its me!
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I'm a Darbee non-believer. Make me a believer, I dare you.
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Would love to win one.

Fingers crossed......biggrin.gif
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I'm in too
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Place me into the drawing please.
Thanks! :-)
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